MultiDyne Heads into the Wilds with HoneyBadger

  • 12 April, 2023


USA: MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems comes to NAB Show 2023 with a new bulk fiber transport platform that brings several classic MultiDyne strengths together into one common platform with exceptional signal density for HD, 3G (quad-link 4K) and 12G (single-link 4K) productions.

Ideal for stadiums, arenas, campus and venue-wide signal extension, metropolitan intra-facility connections and classic point-to-point links between trucks, control rooms and studios, MultiDyne’s new HoneyBadger offers an expansive, unparalleled feature set for production-based fiber transport. With support for eight camera feeds and SDI return channels - both expandable through HoneyBadger’s modularity - MultiDyne’s latest innovation takes several decades of bulk fiber transport product design experience into account.

With HoneyBadger, there are no limits for local signal connectivity and extension, thanks to its high I/O density and two independent 1Gb local-area network (LAN) extensions -  the latter of which enables IP connectivity over single-mode fiber strands. As users can also extend four partyline intercom channels (wet or dry), eight bi-directional line level analog audio outputs and eight mic-pre inputs with phantom power over two cost-efficient single-mode fibers, customers can manage all long-distance bulk fiber transport needs from one box. That also includes analog tri-level or bi-level genlock outputs, legacy GPIO/serial control signals and more.

“HoneyBadger doesn’t care about the size of your university campus or the expanse of your remote sports production coverage,” said Jesse Foster, Vice President of Products and Western Sales, MultiDyne.

“Everything the content producer needs for multi-camera or multi-announcer productions converges within the HoneyBadger design, which is essentially an active broadcast junction box that is easy to transport, manage and maintain. It is a field fiber solution for a new generation of content producers faced with a broader array of formats, signals and connectors than ever while seeking to bridge the gap between fiber and IP.”

A typical HoneyBadger application for live production will employ a 5RU remote unit for media contribution and transport and a 4RU unit at the receiving location. They both provide standard connectivity for full-size BNCs for video, XLRs for audio, and terminable Phoenix connectors for serial data and GPIO control signals.

Foster adds that the HoneyBadger is designed to install into an actual JBT junction box that venues and other users can build into the architecture of a facility or building and is usually a stainless-steel, wall-mounted enclosure. “HoneyBadger was built with streamlined architectures and quick, simple connectivity in mind. In addition to our field-based systems, we see opportunities for venues to purchase and install these as all-in-one  signal transport solutions that technicians can access and plug into for hassle-free, quick-launch productions.”

MultiDyne will demonstrate HoneyBadger and much more at NAB Show 2023 in Booth C4730.

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MultiDyne Heads into the Wilds with HoneyBadger