Move your newsroom to the field with Dina Mobile

  • 23 November, 2022


NOR: Today's journalists and storytellers are mobile and expect to have the tools that they need in the palm of their hands to:

  • Upload media content to stories;
  • Create stories, edit, take photos and videos and publish from anywhere;
  • Get push notifications for story assignments;
  • Monitor news rundowns to see what is on air, a countdown and more.

The new Dina Mobile app is available now, and can be downloaded from App Store and Play Store.

Dina Mobile allows journalists to create and publish stories in the field, with a live link into the newsroom to track schedules and control when a story goes live. Other future features of the app will be uploading media content to stories, writing, editing, taking photos and videos, and publishing.

Reporters can share their location via Dina Mobile, giving the newsroom overview of resources on the ground. Reporters in the field can follow rundowns and get details about each show’s features. And naturally, you will have access to your internal and external contacts database.

Learn more about Dina here or Book Demo here.

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Move your newsroom to the field with Dina Mobile