More variable media workflows with full integration of ChatGPT

  • 27 January, 2023


GER: As of now, qibb is the first digital platform for media workflows to have ChatGPT fully integrated.
The developers at qibb have aligned the artificial intelligence capabilities of the popular chatbot from OpenAI precisely with the requirements of media professionals. With ChatGPT as a new selectable connector (node) in the Flow Editor, summaries, keywords, and entire articles on multimedia content can now be created automatically. This further increases the productivity and variability of cloud-based workflows with qibb.

Increase productivity, simplify workflows for media professionals consistently: with the full integration of ChatGPT, qibb expands the functionality of its cloud-based integration platform for professional media workflows. The developers at qibb have intensively tested the chatbot based on the GPT 3.5 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language model from the US company OpenAI after its release in winter 2022 and have now implemented it completely in the working environment. As one of meanwhile 40 media-specific media applications, ChatGPT is now available to all users of qibb.

Journalists benefit from this new integration by significantly simplifying the organization and cataloging of their media files. A specific, possible use case is the automated transcription and content summary of multimedia content and subsequent storage in the Media Asset Management (MAM) system. The central, so-called, nodes for this integrated and automated media workflow at qibb are the MAM system by Mimir in addition to ChatGPT. News feeds from agencies can also be fully integrated into the workflow with qibb. Specifically, metadata can thus be directly recognized, evaluated, and stored in a MAM system for efficient further processing. In addition to ChatGPT, qibb has integrated the entire functionality of the OpenAI API, which also includes the text-to-image application DALL-E 2. Its artificial intelligence can create realistic images based on text descriptions.

The end-to-end media solution qibb combines services with a low-code workflow editor, dashboard system, and security tools. qibb offers maximum flexibility, vendor independence, and control of modular media systems - in the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid. The library of pre-integrated applications and workflows enables fast integrations and easy maintenance in operation for professional use cases such as editing, archiving or playout. Partners and services already integrated include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, OpenAI, and Qvest with its playout product Makalu.

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More variable media workflows with full integration of ChatGPT