Mediawan renews its trust in BCE

  • 02 August, 2023


LUX: Mediawan, one of Europe's leading independent studios for audiovisual content, has reaffirmed its partnership with BCE by entrusting the broadcast of their popular French channel, RTL9, to their reliable services.

For more than a decade, RTL9 has relied on BCE for the broadcast of its channel, benefitting from their expertise and high-quality services. Mediawan has now decided to renew its trust in BCE by signing a three-year contract for the continued broadcasting of RTL9, the third most watched pay TV channel in France.

Founded in late 2015, Mediawan has established itself as a powerhouse in the European audiovisual industry, bringing together top talent in content creation across various genres. The group operates throughout the entire value chain, including the production of original content in fiction, live broadcasting, cinema, documentaries, and animation, with over 60 labels spanning across France, Germany (in partnership with LEONINE Studios since 2020), England, Italy, Spain, the United States, the Netherlands, Finland, and Senegal (Mediawan Studios). Additionally, Mediawan excels in the distribution of audiovisual content through Mediawan Rights, as well as channel editing and digital services via Mediawan Thematics.

RTL9, a French television channel that caters to a wide audience with its cinema-focused content, offers an entertaining catalog of blockbuster movies suitable for the entire family. RTL9 is broadcasted through BCE's advanced multiplayout platform, which includes monitoring services to ensure seamless continuity of the channel. BCE's playout platform operates over IP, providing flexible and efficient services while delivering uncompromising quality.

For the past 25 years, both RTL9 and now Mediawan have placed their trust in BCE for the successful broadcast of their channel in the French and greater regional markets. This long-term partnership highlights BCE's expertise and its ability to adapt to market developments, enabling Mediawan to evolve alongside them.

BCE offers three ranges of playout solutions tailored to meet specific needs, simplifying workflows and allowing clients to focus on content. With over 20 years of extensive video expertise, BCE has developed a comprehensive suite of playout solutions, catering to immediate online channel deployment as well as premium services, ensuring there is always a suitable solution for any project.

This renewed collaboration between Mediawan and BCE underscores the channel's unwavering confidence in BCE's services and their commitment to delivering high-quality content to their dedicated audience.

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Mediawan renews its trust in BCE