MEDIAGENIX goes ‘Fast Forward to Data Value’

  • 10 December, 2021


BEL: MEDIAGENIX, the market leader in lean content supply chain solutions with Media Business Management Platform WHATS’ON, announced two new professional data services, MEDIAGENIX PRISM and MEDIAGENIX SPECTRUM. The two services are aimed at accelerating the value of actionable content intelligence and AI capabilities to solve some of the media industry’s toughest challenges in digital transformation: data fragmentation and Time-to-Value.

MEDIAGENIX PRISM is a Data-Hub-As-A-Service offering that enriches content supply chain data from Media Business Platform WHATS’ON with third-party, in-house and open data sources. The data platform is set up with a short Time to Value and can scale to accommodate changing needs and new use cases.

MEDIAGENIX Product Manager Lucas Denys pictured said: “If you want to successfully deliver BI and AI applications that improve your content supply chain, you need to connect data assets from all relevant steps in that content supply chain into a qualitative and trustworthy Data Hub. MEDIAGENIX PRISM leverages our industry expertise to combine all data assets into one unified data model embodied by a modular data platform.”

MEDIAGENIX SPECTRUM is a service for fast-tracking a Proof-of-Value for BI and AI applications that visualize and optimize content ROI.

Lucas Denys: “In order to speed up the time-to-value of data investments, we have designed a dedicated project approach where our innovation analysts will work with our customers to pinpoint promising use cases, explore potential solutions, and create a Proof-of-Value for those, all in a time-boxed manner. The entire process is gated so that our customers can always make an informed decision on the next stages of the project.”

One area where MEDIAGENIX believe they can create a lot of value for their customers is audience engagement prediction in all kinds of different contexts. They have already developed a state-of-the-art ratings prediction algorithm for linear TV, which automatically forecasts the ratings of content and breaks with an accuracy that outperforms human experts by about 25%.

Partnering with AE
Both MEDIAGENIX PRISM and MEDIAGENIX SPECTRUM combine the MEDIAGENIX experience in data-centric media workflows with the proven data science methodology of consultancy firm AE.

This means that with MEDIAGENIX, media companies have a single point of contact to be assured of the experience, in-depth knowledge and focus that will help them go Fast Forward to Data Value, and steer their competitive future and content ROI in today’s multi-platform market.

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MEDIAGENIX goes ‘Fast Forward to Data Value’