Media Made Easy: Ateliere at IBC2023

  • 30 August, 2023


Showcasing Key Operational Cost Savings, Content Monetization and New Business Continuity Solutions. 

Cloud-native SaaS media supply chain platform empowers businesses to reduce operational expenses
and disaster recovery costs by 70% or more.

USA: Ateliere Creative Technologies, an innovative cloud-native content supply chain management and distribution platform, invites IBC2023 attendees to learn how its solutions enable businesses to cut operational expenses, protect high-value IP, and support a seamless MAM migration to the cloud.

Ateliere’s modern, cloud-native media supply chain solutions, Ateliere Connect™ and Ateliere Discover™ make it easy for content owners and distributors to leverage the full potential of cloud scalability and performance. Easy-to-use tools empower users to manage content libraries, service-level agreements (SLAs), packaging, and global distribution, with the utmost operational efficiency. Ateliere solutions can be deployed in days, as opposed to months, thanks to its low-code/no-code approach. The SaaS business model requires no upfront payment and enables users to budget for capital expenditure with certainty.
"As the Media and Entertainment landscape continues to navigate through financial and operational challenges, there has never been a more important time to look to cloud-native solutions that push the bar and deliver more value and align with your business strategies," says Ateliere CRO Kira Baca. "Technology should be a strategic partner: nimble, flexible, and innovative, now and throughout its lifecycle. Supply chain technology should be automated and go upstream and downstream, and the ROI should be obvious and provable.
That's what we are focused on at Ateliere - providing partnership and value that continues to grow.
Our solution delivers on our customers’ needs now, and their strategic goals for the future - shortened time to market, cost reduction, scalability, and revenue growth."

Ateliere Solutions’ Benefits Shown at IBC2023: 

Reduce Operational Expenses by 70% or More

Ateliere’s cloud-native platform is designed to eliminate content duplication and reduce video storage with proprietary AI-powered FrameDNATM technology. Combined with the IMF component-based approach, Ateliere users reduce their cloud storage footprint by up to 90%. And, with Ateliere's ‘save now, pay later’ model, users achieve substantial cost reductions of 70% and more on cloud storage expenses.

Protect High-Value IP with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions
Ateliere’s highly resilient easy-to-action, cloud-native disaster recovery solution, Ateliere Connect, eliminates vulnerability for self-hosted, on-prem content archive storage. Ateliere Connect works alongside primary on-premise or hybrid systems, facilitating seamless failover and ensuring uninterrupted media operations. Because it’s cloud-based, there’s minimal to no downtime when it comes to deployment.

Seamlessly Migrate MAM Into the Cloud

Media companies can avoid the complexity of traditional Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions by quickly and efficiently centralizing content in the Ateliere Connect Content Hub. Unlike most cloud-based solutions, Ateliere is cloud-native and designed to fully leverage the cloud's scalability, elasticity, resilience, and flexibility. Ateliere Connect Content Hub tracks both descriptive and technical metadata, enabling customers to easily identify anomalies with precision. It removes content duplication, orphaned assets, and other daily headaches. Everything content owners need to monetize premium content is at their fingertips.

More on Ateliere Connect and Ateliere Discover

Ateliere Connect is a cloud-native media supply chain solution that helps media companies of all sizes manage and deliver their video content to multiple endpoints. Key highlights include 75-90% less storage costs using our proprietary FrameDNA technology and deduplication process, native IMF and component-based workflows, and simplified recipe-based packaging and delivery. Companies looking to harness the power of IMF without the adoption headaches can benefit from Connect’s unique capability to blend IMF and flat file workflows up and down the media supply chain. Microservices and a robust API enable efficiency from ingest to quality control (QC), to packaging and delivery, as well as integration of business and legacy media asset management (MAM) systems, optimizing flow and transparency of work orders, billing, and inventory.

Ateliere Discover is a white-label OTT solution that monetizes asset libraries on smart TV and mobile apps with targeted audience analytics. With Ateliere Discover, content owners can power up a fully branded streaming service and orchestrate delivery across their own branded video app or major OTT marketplace in a matter of days. App elements like artwork, on-screen arrangement, layout and more can be fully customized to create a highly compelling viewer experience. Backend analytics provide valuable insights on title performance and audience viewing habits, enabling content owners to make data-driven decisions about what to deliver next. Flexible subscription, ad-based and hybrid monetization options allow users to better maximize revenue opportunities. 

As an API-first solution, Ateliere connects and integrates at every business intersection. By collaborating with industry-leading partners like Ateme, Fabric, Interra, Rightsline and more, Ateliere ensures smooth automation and integration of workflows. From content sales to packaging to delivery, every step is flawlessly orchestrated, powered by the reliable infrastructure of AWS. 

Book a Meeting with Ateliere @ IBC2023

The IBC2023 show will be held at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam from September 15th through September 18th. Attendees can book a private meeting with an Ateliere expert or sales professional to discuss their media supply chain and streaming needs and how Ateliere solutions can help.
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Media Made Easy: Ateliere at IBC2023