MBC installs AEQ Atrium digital audio mixer

  • 20 December, 2022


ESP: The Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation or MBC is the public broadcaster of the Government of Mauritius, established on 8 June 1964. MBC currently operates 3 analogue TV channels: MBC1, MBC2 and MBC3, and 6 digital channels: MBC Digital 1, MBC Digital 2, MBC Digital 3, MBC Digital 4, MBC Digital 5 and MBC Digital 6. MBC's objectives are focused on the dissemination of information, education, culture and entertainment. Radio and television programmes cover a wide range and are broadcast in different languages such as French, English and Chinese. 

Recently it has been decided to upgrade the technical equipment of the station based on the Atrium console and the Netbox 32 interface over an IP audio network based on Dante technology.

The AEQ Atrium console is specially designed for radio and television audio production and broadcasting, in work environments with the highest operational requirements. Manage up to 1000 channels of local or IP audio controllable through one or more surfaces, each with up to 96 motorized and pageable faders.

Developed with the operator in mind, AEQ Atrium presents great simplicity of use through a powerful set of touch screens, encoders, indicators and keys, which are pre-configured, and dynamically adapt their function to the context, avoiding unnecessary steps, and always keeping accurate information in view, so that the operation is simple and safe.

AEQ Atrium has been conceived taking advantage of the advantages that technology makes available to us at this time: IP audio systems allow the inputs and outputs, and the process and control elements, to be distributed in different pieces of equipment, sometimes very physically distant. It incorporates tools for the storage and instant recovery of scenes, the convergence of physical and virtual control elements, the automation of mixing and level adjustment, the transport of control inputs and outputs through the different pieces of equipment in a system, etc.

Each Atrium control surface can be completely customized. Thus, classic ways of working can be implemented, for example: each fader can have A/B configuration, or each channel can have direct access to sends to pre-defined buses, or the channels can be defined for bidirectional multiplexes, so that each user has the mix everyone except him.

The Atrium surface configuration for the recording control, has two modules of 6 pageable faders, a control module, and an additional touch screen module.

For the main ON AIR control, the Atrium surface configuration carries three modules of 6 pageable faders, a control module and two additional touch screen modules.

IP technology allows that while each surface is in the corresponding control, both motors are installed together in a single technical rack that covers all the equipment of the station. This allows for simplified wiring and ease of maintenance.


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MBC installs AEQ Atrium digital audio mixer