MAXHUB expands Unified Communications offering

  • 06 February, 2023


UK: MAXHUB, a leader in communication, conferencing, and collaboration solutions, has expanded its UC range, launching MAXHUB’s new all-in-one USB videobar S07 and a full HD PTZ P15 camera, for plug-and-play efficiency and ultra-clear video imagery.

Introducing the UC S07
With plug-and-play efficiency in a compact, all-in-one videobar, the S07 is ideal for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios as well as huddle and medium-sized meeting rooms.

Efficient hands-free capabilities allow the device to start when motion is detected and go into standby mode when not in use, saving you time and making the device more energy efficient.

The 8m voice pickup and 8W combo speaker combined with AI noise cancellation and automatic gain control, result in an immersive sound experience for clearer conversations and understanding.

The UHD 4K video offers high-definition video imagery with AI Vision technology, while the wide-angle view and 5x digital zoom easily maintain attendees’ attention. The camera’s auto-framing capabilities focuses on the room attendees and intelligent face detection tracks whoever is speaking and smoothly transitions between presenters via the integrated voice localization microphones, delivering a seamless meeting experience for all.

Introducing the UC P15
The next-generation MAXHUB full HD PTZ camera, the P15, offers crystal-clear video imagery and smooth full HD Video, with a maximum frame rate of 60fps, provides a professional-grade visual experience to inspire and improve meeting engagement, capturing nonverbal communication cues.

Thanks to the super low-light performance CMOS sensor, the camera is capable of producing lifelike and natural images even in dimly lit spaces. The improved 2D/3D de-noise algorithm and high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) deliver noise-free imaging with high clarity.

The camera can also output high-definition content simultaneously through USB, HDMI, and IP, while providing a choice of camera control options, including IR remote, Serial, IP, or USB connections, making P15 a versatile choice in various application scenarios.

When paired with the Zoom-certified BM35 Bluetooth speakerphone, the combined solution brings exceptional audiovisual quality to your meeting room, elevating video conferencing experience to the next level.

MAXHUB UC products come with a 3-year worry-free hot-swap warranty.

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MAXHUB expands Unified Communications offering