Matrox Video’s ORIGIN Takes Accolade

  • 27 April, 2023


From left to right, David Collins, Senior Manager of Engineering at Matrox Video, Eric Trabb, SVP Chief Customer Success Officer at NAB, and Richard Cartwright, Technical Leader at Matrox Video.

CAN: Video technology innovator Matrox Video has announced that its new Matrox ORIGIN media framework won several awards at the 2023 NAB Show - including a NAB Show Product of the Year Award.

For the NAB Show Product of the Year Awards, industry experts chose winners in 15 categories. Matrox ORIGIN was honored in the Cloud Computing and Storage category, a subset of the Connect category.

The common development framework for the broadcast infrastructure of the future, Matrox ORIGIN is a disruptive, asynchronous media framework built on a cloud-native architecture that reconciles live production requirements with the capabilities of the cloud. It operates using IT infrastructure as it was intended to run - asynchronously. As a result, this software-only framework can achieve highly scalable, responsive, low-latency, easy-to-control, and frame-accurate broadcast media facilities that support tier 1 live productions both on-premises and in the cloud.

Matrox ORIGIN provides the foundation for tier 1 live production in the cloud without compromise.
With Matrox ORIGIN as the underlying infrastructure, developers can create products that run equally well on a single host or in distributed systems on-premises or in the public cloud. Meanwhile, broadcasters can optimize on-premises resources, offload peak needs into the cloud, run exclusively in the public cloud,
or all of the above - at whatever pace makes sense for their business. And because Matrox ORIGIN is also vendor-neutral, broadcasters have the freedom to deploy any software they want to put on top of it with no requirement to buy from certain vendors.

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Matrox Video’s ORIGIN Takes Accolade