Masstech Unveils Next-generation Kumulate Platform

  • 04 February, 2021


UK: Masstech has revealed the latest generation of Kumulate, its industry-leading video storage management platform. Designed for anyone who engages, entertains and inspires audiences with video, Kumulate users will now benefit from a new set of features and enhanced modules that make video storage and content management simpler, more intuitive and cost effective.

The next-gen Kumulate platform is underpinned with a new database and architectural structure, and features an enhanced REST API to improve communication between Kumulate modules, the Kumulate core platform and 3rd party services for seamless workflow creation. In addition, the containerised structure of Kumulate v2, along with microservices architecture will offer enhanced on-demand scalability, in whatever cloud or hybrid environment customers prefer, as their storage and content processing requirements dictate.

“Since we launched Kumulate in 2019, we have deployed Kumulate in just under 100 media companies around the world. They are now realising significant operational efficiencies and cost benefits,” said George Kilpatrick, CEO at Masstech. “The latest generation of Kumulate, available to all current MassStore, Kumulate and FlashNet users, expands functionality and prepares our customers for the future, with easier cloud deployment, simplified storage location management, and a next-gen, intuitive interface.”

New features add functionality, in a modular way 
Kumulate’s modular design lets users start with the core storage management functionality and add modules at their own pace, adapting to new revenue streams as required. The latest Workflow Orchestrator module has a revamped interface, with new drag-and-drop templates for quick workflow creation, including dedicated migration templates for those looking to move video assets and archives to new cloud environments. New analytics and modelling modules improve reporting and planning and the recently released Kumulate Gateway and Kumulate Gallery modules improve automation and monetisation opportunities.

Evolution through significant enhancements and integrations
In addition to improved storage & media management, Kumulate now supports hashing for cloud transfers, keeping content secure as it moves across storage tiers. Additional support is now included for transcode formats such as OpenEXR, as well as improved integrations with Avid MediaCentral and Adobe solutions making Kumulate one of the most flexible and well integrated storage management options available. Kumulate v2 also features even deeper integration with AI and Machine Learning solutions from cloud providers such as AWS and Azure, to allow integration of cognitive services including speech-to-text and facial recognition into standard workflows.

Completely new look and feel
With usability and simplicity in mind, the entire platform has undergone a design upgrade. Kumulate users will now experience a refreshed next-generation interface, with intuitive details such as drag-and-drop functionality for easier platform configuration and storage location control.

Flexible pricing to suit all deployment scenarios
Masstech is now offering Kumulate customers capex and opex agility, with flexible pricing models that adapt to their requirements. The Kumulate platform is now available via subscription and SaaS models, allowing customers to easily add modules and services to adapt to new revenue streams.

George Kilpatrick added: “Our users require us to provide leading-edge business and financial upgrades in the same way as we provide them with next-gen technology. The introduction of these new flexible pricing options, along with Kumulate’s completely modular feature set and containerised structure, creates a powerful proposition for customers.”

The latest version of Kumulate will roll out from February 4, and is available as a free upgrade to all existing users.

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Masstech Unveils Next-generation Kumulate Platform