Marshall Cameras Hit Home Run for Arizona Diamondbacks’ Broadcasts

  • 11 October, 2023


POV Cameras Deliver In-depth, Fully Immersive Results for Veteran Senior Video Colorist
and Engineer John James.

USA: For over two and a half decades, John James has been part of the team responsible for bringing Arizona Diamondbacks’ broadcasts into viewer’s homes. Through the strategic implementation of the CV355 and CV503 POV cameras from Marshall Electronics, James has delivered captivating visuals and unparalleled coverage with a range of camera shots.

As an industry veteran, James has witnessed the evolution of sports broadcasting technology over the past few years. “Our goal has always been to provide the viewer with an in-depth, fully immersive experience,” says James. “With the seamless integration of the Marshall POV cameras into the Diamondbacks production lineup, we are able to reach new intimate heights in our broadcasts.”

Celebrated for its compact design and remarkable optics, Marshall POV cameras have emerged as the preferred camera for various critical shots in Diamondbacks’ baseball broadcasts. “The CV503 has been the go-to camera for capturing the ‘all nine’ lock-down high wide shot of the entire field,” adds James.
“This shot provides a comprehensive view of the game and is frequently used going into commercial breaks, as well as during the breaks so master control knows that the picture is still being sent,
ensuring that viewers never miss a moment of the action.”

Another use of the Marshall CV503 camera is for the “pool shot.” The Diamondbacks boast a unique feature in their right field - a swimming pool. A CV503 camera is employed to capture this feature and showcase it to fans, enhancing their engagement with the ballpark experience.
According to James: “The production team is looking to update the ‘all-nine’ and ‘pool cameras’ to the Marshall CV355 soon, as it offers better control and superb image quality. Also, the team is already
familiar with this model, as we are using it for the bullpen cameras.”

The Diamondbacks provide cameras in the bullpens for both teams to capture the action in the bullpens
at all times. “The CV355's superior image quality impressed everyone involved, leading to its adoption for these crucial shots,” says James. “The Marshall camera was swapped in over a different brand, due its clarity and control features and is now delivering live feeds to both dugouts and broadcast audiences.”

In addition, the introduction of a laptop with Wi-Fi connectivity for the bullpen cameras has streamlined camera management. With this system, operators can easily adjust settings like color balance and exposure, providing a consistent and high-quality image feed. The CV355 camera offers full control capabilities, enhancing its versatility.

“The CV355’s integrated lens and factory-calibrated optics ensure a clear, sharp image in all frame corners,” adds James. “The CV355 POV camera has marked a significant improvement in the evolution of Point-of-View (POV) baseball broadcasting, creating a uniform look across all shots. These cameras offer reliability, innovation and exceptional image quality, further immersing fans in the excitement of Diamondbacks baseball.”

James recently completed his final broadcast with the Arizona Diamondbacks, after 26 years at the helm. James esteemed production career began with Hey Dude on Nickelodeon, which led to a job doing video for spring training in Phoenix, followed by working with the Phoenix Suns. James began working with the Arizona Diamondbacks shortly after, and 26 years later, six World Series Games, five Summer Olympics (with Paris on the docket for next year) and one Winter Olympics’ broadcast, James is hanging up his broadcast production hat for the Diamondbacks and will serve as a broadcast consultant for the organization moving forward.

Marshall cameras have become an industry standard for POV and camera clock applications in various sports productions. Their compact size, ease of installation and reliability make them a preferred choice among production companies, offering both exceptional image quality and innovative solutions for complex broadcasting needs.

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Marshall Cameras Hit Home Run for Arizona Diamondbacks’ Broadcasts