Leyard Europe introduces netPIX-FUSION

  • 19 April, 2024


GER: Leyard Europe announces the launch of netPIX Fusion, a compact stand-alone version of the eyevis™ netPIX processing units. This industrial PC solution is built on the latest technology of the 13th generation Intel® Core i7™ processor family, offering exceptional performance for a variety of applications.

netPIX Fusion functions as a robust rendering node for local applications, videos, and alarms, while also delivering unparalleled IP decoding performance across multiple protocols, including H264, H265, NDI, VNC, Cast, and others. It also allows expansion with an in- or output card. When combined with the eyeUNIFY wall management software, it becomes a versatile solution for control rooms, boardrooms, corporate meeting rooms, and more.

The pre-packaged netPIX Fusion comes in three unique configurations, including the eyeUNIFY wall management software, delivering an off-the-shelf experience that seamlessly combines a powerful standalone pre-configured processing solution with Leyard Europe Complete™ Video Wall displays.
This integration transforms video walls into versatile display solutions capable of presenting
any source in various sizes and layouts.

Offering lower power consumption compared to central graphics controller devices, netPIX Fusion’s compact size saves rack space and reduces associated costs. Its seamless compatibility with
existing installations, achieved through conventional signal distribution, further contributes to
the product’s efficiency.

"We are excited to introduce netPIX Fusion as a robust and compact processing solution for our customers," says Cris Tanghe, VP Product at Leyard Europe. "Not only does it serve as a powerful rendering node with support for optional hardwired inputs or outputs, it ensures the transmission and display of 4K signals with 4K/Ultra HD displays or video wall arrangements. This provides customers
with unparalleled flexibility and fully meets their expectations for applications requiring small-size
video wall configurations and LED video walls."


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Leyard Europe introduces netPIX-FUSION