Leading Online Gambling Platform Scores with Appear

  • 26 October, 2023


To deliver premium live sports content to millions of subscribers across North America.

NOR: Appear, the global leader in media processing and delivery technology, has been chosen by a
premier online gambling platform in North America to deliver premium live sports content to millions of subscribers across the continent. The celebrated gambling platform, which reaches millions of fans across 50 states, turned to Appear’s X20 platform for high efficiency content processing, low latency transport and multi codec support to ensure seamless feeds reach multiple destinations, simultaneously for fans
in real-time.

The leading gambling platform offers a unique, engaging sports viewing experience to fans that enables linear playout of its network and allows fans to bet on games in real-time, play with other users through fantasy leagues, and stream premium live content via one innovative online platform. When it needed to rapidly launch live channels through its new cloud-based playout platform, it turned to Appear as one
of its key technology partners.

The gambling platform needed a technology partner that could deliver the linear feeds quickly, reliably and efficiently. In partner testing, Appear’s X20 platform was the highest performing and most dense solution, meaning it could trust it to bring all the action into its linear and streaming channels in real-time.
Being a betting and gaming platform as well as a sports’ streaming site, ensuring live content
is delivered in as close to real-time as possible and with no errors is fundamental.

The deal marks the continued acceleration of Appear’s award-winning SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) gateway product, bringing one of the highest densities and most reliable solutions on the market, with scalable capabilities. The versatile deployment supports both ground-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground workflows, empowering the prominent gambling platform to efficiently manage its content delivery processes. The deployment encompasses:

  • 18 channels of HEVC encoding, supporting SD/HD/UHD resolutions with low delay mode
    for ground-to-cloud contribution.
  • 35 channels of HEVC decoding, designed for cloud-to-ground contribution. These decoders
    include seven UHD decoders to meet the demands of high-quality content delivery.
  • 4 JPEG XS encoders and decoders in readiness for future use cases and applications.
  • SRT capable platform: The platform's infrastructure is now equipped with SRT capabilities,
    ready for utilization in contribution and distribution use cases as needed.

Ed McGivern, President & General Manager, Appear US, noted: “We’re committed to furthering the investment in our SRT gateway product, driven by our belief in offering the markets’ the most space and resource efficient solutions. We’re delighted that the renowned gambling platform recognizes Appear as the premier option to deliver its content, underscoring the power of technology to transform content delivery and set the stage for a new era of live streaming experiences. We look forward to being part
of their journey and helping them continue their impressive growth trajectory.”

Appear’s X Platform is used globally for live contribution, remote production, and distribution.
It offers the ability to effortlessly blend encapsulation formats such as MPEG TS, ST2022-6, ST2110, Zixi, and high capacity SRT with an equally impressive array of codecs and video processing functions. It is part of the company’s ground-to-cloud vision that allows you to use Appear’s X Platform to send signals from cameras at an event’s location to a cloud production platform, without the need to send a mobile unit and accompanying production team. In primary distribution, and video transport to and from the cloud,
the platform enables cost-efficiency through transport over the internet. The X Platform achieves this through providing video transport with industry-leading flexibility, density, and energy efficiency.


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Leading Online Gambling Platform Scores with Appear