Lawo diamond Broadcast Console and Power Core Get Software Upgrade

  • 16 December, 2022


GER: New software has just been released for Lawo’s award-winning diamond broadcast mixing console, Power Core DSP engine, and VisTool graphical control interface and On-Air Designer configuration software.

Release 7.0.0 PL-001 adds numerous additions and refinements, including software support for the new Power Core AIOX (Audio I/O Extender) device, additional DSP and metering features, and several new license options for Power Core.

“Broadcasters tell us constantly that Lawo’s ‘software-defined hardware’ approach to developing new production tools is a major advantage,” says Johan Boqvist, Senior Product Manager, Radio.
“Not only do our users love our products, they appreciate our commitment to collaborative development. Many of the new features and options you see in this software release arose from in-depth conversations with everyday users. This commitment helps ensure that Lawo clients are always on the cutting edge of broadcast technology.”

New features for the diamond broadcast console include the addition of PPM meters and media icons to the vibrant, full-color displays in monitor sections and input source displays, Access and channel-based Gain Reduction meter for dynamics, LUX Correlation Meter, a new “Fader Over Press” function that adds programmable logic functions that can execute when faders are closed, and new logic that enables operators to instantly clear DSP parameters applied to an audio source.

For the Power Core DSP engine, refinements include extended “Q” values to help fine-tune EQ curves, a self-keyed side-chain filter for dynamics processing which excludes frequencies from its calculations, the ability to adjust the DeEsser’s active frequency, and support for up to 8 AutoMix groups - a boon for morning show and talkshow producers.

Finally, Power Core license options have been expanded. “Power Core is already the most flexible audio core available for broadcast,” notes Boqvist. “There are multiple choices for expansion of analog and digital I/O, and several license packages that enable users to tailor their production environment to their exact needs. With this software release we’ve introduced more new license options to help broadcasters achieve the perfect balance of capability and cost.”

Power Core Compact is a new license choice that provides a cost-effective choice for broadcasters building small to medium studios. This expands the total number of main Power Core license options to 6, including Power Core edge I/O and Super Audio Node configurations; a console engine for large and extra-large consoles of up to 60 faders; and the MAX multiple-access license which permits a single Power Core to provide resources to as many as 4 diamond consoles.

Also introduced are two new “add-on” licenses: Conference Assign (which gives complete control over the source-specific level of associated N-1 busses and to include or exclude sources to N-1 busses), and Aux Pan (which allows control over the panning of individual sources per Aux bus). Existing add-on license packages for GPIO, MiniMixer, N-1 and Loopback expansion continue to be offered also.

“With this release, Lawo reinforces our clients’ vision of mixing consoles and AoIP cores that can be customized to fit any individual workflow,” says Boqvist. “This flexibility makes the combination of diamond, Power Core and VisTool the premiere choice for use in radio production, TV master-control and even OB applications worldwide.”

Lawo software Release 7.0.0 PL-001 is available for download now; customers can find the release notes and download the software by visiting:

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Lawo diamond Broadcast Console and Power Core Get Software Upgrade