Lake People MC100 monitor controller available now

  • 06 December, 2023


GER: The MC100 marks Lake People’s first foray into the monitor controller market - and immediately does everything right. The feature-rich, manufacture-quality monitoring centrepiece is available immediately from retailers and via

Diversity of sources, diversity of inputs
The Lake People MC100 offers a variety of different inputs for all sorts of sources. Two balanced analogue XLR inputs are the solid foundation for most studio applications. An unbalanced RCA input connects to an additional analogue source. Mobile devices can be spontaneously integrated via the stereo minijack on the front. A USB connector also allows for digital input of PCM signals with up to 384 kHz and 32 bit or DSD 256. All the inputs are conveniently selected on the front of the MC100. The users can decide whether
the inputs should cancel each other out, or if multiple inputs can be active at the same time.

Flexible monitor routing
Like the inputs, the output section of the Lake People MC100 leaves nothing to be desired. Up to three pairs of monitor speakers can be connected to the XLR outs, selectable from the front plate. Again, the selection is either mutually exclusive (only one output at a time) or inclusive (multiple outputs active), as chosen by the user. To facilitate level-matching of different systems, the three outputs feature three-step attenuators up to 12 dB. An additional subwoofer output can be activated with every output. The MC100 remembers the subwoofer setting when switching between monitors. Two slave outs feed devices like meters or analyzers, whose input should not be affected by the listening volume setting.

Top-notch headphone amplification
Lake People is well-known to many audio professionals for outstanding headphone amplifiers,
which is why a high-quality phones amp is also integrated in the MC100. A powerful amplifier circuit
drives headphones connected via 6.3-mm or 3.5-mm output. In addition to the exquisite sound quality,
the headphone amp also features the X-Feed feature, which simulates a more natural sound image
that resembles speaker playback. This benefits long listening sessions in particular, as ear fatigue
is mitigated considerably.

Full-service monitoring
The Lake People MC100 provides all the core features of a monitor controller. This includes muting and dimming the speakers, a mono switch, solo-buttons for left and right channel as well as the option to switch channels and phase-reverse the left channel. A high-quality Alps RK27 potentiometer with
41 steps controls the volume, available from the front through a massive 50-mm knob.

Price and availability
The Lake People MC100 is available immediately through retailers and via
The MSRP is €1,799.90 (including 19% VAT).

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Lake People MC100 monitor controller available now