Kiloview Unveils Leading AVoIP Solutions at ISE 2024

  • 16 January, 2024


New Technology Integrating and Continuous High-quality Products Delivering:
Kiloview Takes AVoIP to New Heights.


CHN: Kiloview, a leading IP-based video solution expert, is set to make a significant impact at ISE2024 (Stand 4K500, Hall 4) by introducing a range of cutting-edge solutions that enhance flexibility and efficiency in content creation in the A/V industry.

With the integration of NDI 6, Kiloview offers users higher image quality and improved remote connectivity with NDI Bridge, resulting in a more stunning viewing experience. The support for Dante Audio further elevates compatibility by enabling seamless integration with Dante Audio and Dante AV-H, providing high-quality audio distribution over IP networks. Additionally, Kiloview's P3, a 5G bonding HEVC video encoder, offers field live broadcasting capabilities with its new backpack, allowing professionals to capture and transmit live video from anywhere. All showcased solutions highlight Kiloview's dedication to empowering industry customers with versatile choices and custom workflows.

At ISE 2024, not just embracing new technology, but the continuous persuasion of delivering high-quality products reveals Kiloview’s commitment to innovation and efforts to meet the evolving demands of the A/V industry.

Offering Greater Flexibility by Integrating NDI 6
NDI 6 beta testing has already started, aiming to bring higher image quality and improved remote connectivity with NDI Bridge's streaming capabilities. Adopting HDR in NDI 6 delivers benefits such as high contrast, a wide colour gamut, minimal colour banding and broad compatibility. This results in a more stunning viewing experience. Kiloview's existing product lines are ready for this important update, which will be game-changing for users in the A/V industry, providing centralised control and greater flexibility
in content creation.

Providing More Compatibility by Adding Dante Support
Dante support of Kiloview's ecosystem means that Kiloview products and solutions will be capable of integrating with Dante Audio and Dante AV-H, elevating their compatibility to a different level. Dante is a widely adopted audio networking technology that offers low-latency digital audio distribution over standard IP networks. With Dante support, Kiloview users across various industries, including education, conference and medicine, can enjoy high-quality audio in their video production and streaming workflow, allowing them to deliver professional content without any extra costs. This integration also provides greater flexibility and efficiency in audio and video production, simplifying system installation.

Building Better Experience for P3 5G Bonding Video Encoder
Kiloview's P3 is a 5G bonding HEVC video encoder. This cutting-edge encoder integrates up to 4CH 5G connections, Wi-Fi and Ethernet leveraging Kiloview's Kilolink bonding server to optimise signals across different internet connections. With dual 3G-SDI and HDMI inputs, 4Kp30 support and a versatile protocol coverage including NDI|HX, SRT, RTMP, RTSP and HLS, Kiloview P3 is the ultimate choice for field live broadcasting of multi-events. Now Kiloview has released a new backpack for P3 to enhance its field performance. The backpack offers a portable and reliable solution for users who need to capture and transmit live video on the go. With the backpack, users can easily carry the equipment and broadcast from any location, making it ideal for applications such as live events, sports, news reporting, and more.

Showcasing Industry-focused Solutions
During the ISE event, Kiloview will be showcasing a diverse range of solutions to meet the specific needs of industry customers. These solutions include field live broadcasting, remote video transmission, Multiview, NDI complete solutions (including transmission, distribution, and recording) and multi-channel rack-mounted solutions.

Each of these solutions offers multiple versatile choices that enable industry customers to meet their unique requirements and design customised workflows. Whether capturing live broadcasts in the field, transmitting video remotely, setting up Multiview displays or creating NDI solutions, Kiloview always provides alternative options including CUBE series and Multiview System which offers reliable video capture and playback, live video distribution, real-time monitoring and switching.

These insights at ISE 2024 indicate that Kiloview is advancing in a new direction. By showcasing all these innovations, Kiloview demonstrates its commitment to providing practical and customisable solutions for the evolving demands of the A/V industry, helping customers overcome challenges and design workflows to their specific needs.

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Kiloview Unveils Leading AVoIP Solutions at ISE 2024