JVC remote production solution integrating the AEQ Xpeak intercom system

  • 14 February, 2023


ESP: AEQ and JVC have collaborated to test the interoperability and complementarity for mobile and remote production of the following equipment:

JVC GY-HC900 is a unique and innovative broadcast camcorder with extremely high image quality and a superior level of connectivity. With three high sensitivity 2/3" HD CMOS sensors. It is equipped with a powerful new communications engine that truly makes News-over-IP a reality, with a much more efficient, secure and cost-effective ENG workflow.

JVC RM-LP25 is a remote controller for JVC ENG / Studio camcorders.

This remote console unit provides key camera operation when connected in a fibre or multicore configuration using Studio Adapter and CCU. It can also be used by direct connection to JVC ENG Camcorders. IP conversion can be added.

AEQ Xpeak is a Matrixless Distributed Global Intercom System based on Audio over IP Technology designed for TV Production and optimised for Remote Production. Its components include the Xpeak_R rack panel, and the Xpeak_BP beltpack.

Thanks to its advanced virtual network system, Xpeak is perfect for productions with off-site or remote staff, simplifying connections and start-ups as much as possible. Equipment is automatically located even if they are not on the same network, allowing simple and agile interconnections.

To carry out the test, CM-FK1 CAM was connected to the camera and an Xpeak_BP beltpack. CM-FK1 STD was connected to the RM-LP25 remote controller and an Xpeak_R rack intercom panel. The dual IP connectivity of each of the CM-FK1 terminals allows direct connection of the panels, which given their peer to peer status, were recognised and worked without further configuration. The connectivity of the camera to the controller was not affected.

A router was connected on the control side to the Internet, a second pre-configured Xpeak_R rack intercom panel for the same network was added to another router connected to the Internet. The new panel automatically connected to the other two.

JVC cameras can be controlled via IP, receive IP video, transmit IP video and even receive an internal IFB audio channel "but" not simultaneously with receiving return video, when return video is needed, the return channel is occupied. Then, the IFB channel is lost.

With the Xpeak intercom, you don't have to choose, it connects to the local IP network or the Internet, and establishes the coordination channel. In addition, it is bidirectional, so the coordination is interactive.

By establishing connectivity through a private network, or a public one through solutions that make use of current cloud-based technologies, SRT, Zixi or similar protocols, with the JVC camera and Xpeak intercom, we have a complete studio chain anywhere in the world with:

  • Sending high quality HD video in SRT streaming.
  • Video reception SRT return, to improve framing with inserted elements in production. This is also output via SDI so that it can be viewed by the interviewee or reporter if desired, or even used as a teleprompter.
  • CPR Professional Remote Control.
  • Logos, watermarks or full-screen images can be inserted from the camera and via web control.
  • Add the two-way Xpeak intercom solution and you have everything you need to work remotely with a camera and a pocket phone.

Carlos Martínez, from JVC Professional Systems (Spain & Portugal) said: "Our cameras can be controlled via IP, receive IP video, transmit IP video and even receive an internal IFB audio channel "but" not simultaneously with the video return reception, if we have video return, we lose the IFB channel (we have to choose), well then you arrive with the Xpeak intercom and 'voila' we no longer have to choose and you also bring bi-directionality to the system... Great!".

All this allows us to do local, remote or mixed production, as the fact that the camera is in the studio connected by SDI does not limit in any way the sending or receiving of IP streaming, and even the alternate control (not simultaneous) of the camera, and with the Xpeak intercom, communication is achieved with all those involved wherever they are, which makes collaborative remote production possible.
And most importantly, plug and play

The integration project has counted with the collaboration of the engineers of Broad Service
Technical Support SL, official distributors of JVC and AEQ.


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JVC remote production solution integrating the AEQ Xpeak intercom system