JVC launches new 4K 50/60P HEVC SRT streaming PTZ cameras

  • 23 May, 2022


EUR: JVC has announced four new 4K 50/60P streaming PTZ camera models. As the latest addition to JVC’s CONNECTED CAM™ remote production solutions, the new series includes four models, which feature 4K 50/60P HEVC SRT streaming with multi-slice encoding technology to reduce latency and provide superior image quality. The cameras also boast a super-wide 80-degree field of view, which is perfect for studios, classrooms, corporate settings, event facilities, sports venues and houses of worship.

The series is comprised of the KY-PZ510, in black and white options, as well as the KY-PZ510N (black and white) that features NDI®|HX with NDI® 5 support. The new PTZ cameras also offer enhanced SMART auto-tracking, which can be set to automatically follow one person and allows users to select one of multiple people within its field of view. Additionally, the incorporated Vertical Interval Time Code (VITC) with Network Time Protocol (NTP) provides the new JVC PTZ cameras with multi-camera synchronization for seamless live event production.

“Our new KY-PZ510 Series PTZ Cameras feature the latest in remote production technologies and have gone down extremely well with customers at the recent NAB, MPTS and ISE tradeshows,” says John Kelly, General Manager, JVCKENWOOD. “In addition to the cameras’ advanced streaming capabilities and new SMART auto-tracking function, they also feature a sleek design that fits into the aesthetics of any location.”

Using the latest HEVC technology, the cameras support multi-slice encoding to ensure higher quality video at lower bitrates for remote production over the internet (REMI). The cameras also support H.264 encoding, which offers increased compatibility with a variety of hardware and software applications. Furthermore, the 4K60p streaming delivers natural imagery in settings with a lot of movement, such as sports and live events.

The cameras’ super-wide horizontal angle of view (80 degrees) and focal length of 21.8 to 261.8mm are the perfect way to present live-action events as well as the full scope of a classroom, auditorium or house of worship. Additionally, the SMART auto-tracking function of the cameras means that operators can set the camera to focus on and follow one person in the view - such as an instructor, pastor or specific person in a live production.

All models support Secure Reliable Transport (SRT), which is resilient to bandwidth fluctuations, data loss, and intermittent connectivity, to ensure secure and error-free video delivery over the internet. Furthermore, the KY-PZ510N can simultaneously output NDI®, SRT, and RTMPS for hybrid local/remote workflows to deliver the highest quality distribution to the world’s most popular CDNs.

The new KY-PZ510 PTZ cameras will be available at the beginning of summer 2022.


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JVC launches new 4K 50/60P HEVC SRT streaming PTZ cameras