JVC Increases Hands-free Operation

  • 20 December, 2023


With Five New Advanced Auto-tracking Features for its Popular 4K KY-PZ510 PTZ Camera Series.

USA: JVC Professional Video, a division of JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation, has released Firmware Version 3 for its award-winning KY-PZ510 and KY-PZ510N CONNECTED CAM™ PTZ Cameras. With this latest free update, users now have access to five different settings of Auto Tracking, including Standard, Area, Stage, Wide Area and Fine Adjustment options. The new firmware will also make it possible for users to set presets for exposure, color and image, among others - a feature that is being released across all NDI®-enabled JVC PTZ cameras.

“The enhanced auto tracking functionality of our award-winning KY-PZ510 Series PTZ cameras is designed to follow one person and can be used to select one of multiple people within its field of view - such as an instructor, pastor or a specific individual,” says Joseph D’Amico, Vice President, JVC Professional Video. “This latest firmware update aims to further enhance the creative possibilities set forth by these features, which are ideal for classrooms, corporate settings and houses of worship, among other applications.
We look forward to seeing what our customers will now be able to achieve with the solution.”

With these latest features, users will be able to use the ‘Standard’ setting to set the designated position of the tracking system, adjust the headroom or indicate subject framing options, such as upper body or above the chest. The ‘vertical’ alignment setting will also enable users to adjust the amount of space above the presenter. Additionally, the new ‘Area’ setting is intended for users to designate an area from within the field of view in which the camera will stay stationary unless the speaker has left that space.
Multiple spaces can be set for this function.

The ‘Stage’ setting establishes the left and right panning borders of the KY-PZ510 Series cameras, while ‘Wide Area’ sets stationary camera positioning concentrated towards the center of the stage. This provides minimal motion distraction while ‘Standard’ auto tracking is engaged, should the subject travel beyond the outer borders. The new firmware includes a ‘Fine Adjustment’ mode, in which the camera adjusts the framing of the subject to the preset position within a maximum six-second time span.

A free firmware update is also available for the JVC RM-LP100 Remote Camera Controller and web interface, which can now be used to send auto-tracking commands for the cameras via WEB API. Additionally, while in auto tracking mode, the controller can be used to select an individual
or set tracking ON/OFF, using the simple left/right lever on the device.

The award-winning features of the KY-PZ510 Series include a super-wide horizontal angle of view
(80 degrees) and focal length of 21.8 to 261.8 millimeters, along with incorporated Vertical Interval Time Code (VITC) with Network Time Protocol (NTP) for multi-camera synchronization. Using the latest HEVC technology, the cameras ensure higher quality video at lower bitrates for remote production over the internet (REMI). The KY-PZ510N can also simultaneously output NDI®, SRT and RTMPS for hybrid local/remote workflows to deliver the highest quality distribution to the world’s most popular CDNs.

With the new firmware updates, JVC has also released new preset options for exposure, color, image
and PTZ settings. These functions will also be available across all NDI®-enabled JVC PTZ cameras,
including the KY-PZ400N and KY-PZ200 Series, which have been upgraded to NDI Version 5
with their respective free firmware updates.


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JVC Increases Hands-free Operation