Jeromy Young Returns as Atomos CEO

  • 15 January, 2024


AUS: Jeromy Young, Co-founder of Atomos, has returned to the business as Managing Director and CEO. Young, who was previously CEO of Atomos for over 10 years, retired from executive duties in November 2021 to pursue other business and personal interests. Several of his subsequent business activities were aligned with the broader video technology industry, and he will bring that wider perspective to his existing knowledge of Atomos and its markets.

“I feel privileged and very excited to be back at the head of the company
I helped to build. I have a very clear vision of how to return Atomos to a powerful and growing tech company and I’m already working with the team to realize this,” commented Young. “The last year has been a challenging one for many companies in the broadcast and professional video industry, Atomos included, but there are some green shoots and many opportunities.”

“Atomos made the right decision in embracing Camera to Cloud and cloud-based live production workflows nearly two years ago, and we are starting to see it come to fruition with some fantastic recent use cases, including the LA Clippers, Sundance Film Festival and George Mason University.”

“Connectivity and openness are the basis of future growth, where the cloud is just part of a new era of networked, collaborative video production and distribution,” added Young. “Atomos’ innovation has led
to a family of products that have become essential tools for video production. My intention is to extend
a proven and popular technology platform to address a broader spectrum of filmmaking applications.”

The company is confident that it will continue to enable filmmakers and content creators to find
a simplified, creative and profitable path through an ever-changing industry landscape.

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Jeromy Young Returns as Atomos CEO