Ai-Media unveils LEXI Viewer

  • 20 July, 2023


AUS: In a world where captivating and immersive event experiences are a top priority, Ai-Media, the pioneering force behind technology-driven live captioning, proudly presents: the revolutionary LEXI Viewer. This cutting-edge HD-SDI device is set to transform the way event organizers engage their audiences by introducing the groundbreaking click-to-caption feature, seamlessly delivering captivating captions to in-venue displays.

Picture yourself attending a municipal town hall meeting, a bustling business conference, a thrilling sports stadium event, or a captivating music concert. With LEXI Viewer, you can effortlessly access interactive captions that bring the event to life. By embracing the click-to-caption functionality, Ai-Media offers a user-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional sign language interpreters, ensuring equal access and engagement for all attendees.

LEXI Viewer sets a new standard in interactive captioning for in-venue displays, providing crystal-clear captions that seamlessly accompany presentation content. Let’s delve into the remarkable display modes that LEXI Viewer offers, enhancing the event experience for all: 

  • Full Screen Mode: This mode covers the entire screen, making captions highly visible and accessible to a large audience. With customizable line spacing and text size options, every individual can personalize their viewing experience. 
  • Background Image Mode: With this mode, users can overlay four rows of captions on a custom background image, offering complete control over the appearance of captions. Font, text size, positioning, and color can all be adjusted to match the event’s branding and aesthetic. 
  • Caption Decoder Mode: This mode replicates the behavior of a consumer caption decoder by displaying captions over the input video. It allows for customization of font and text color, giving organizers the freedom to create a visually appealing and accessible display. 
  • Scaler Mode: In this mode, users can scale down the input video by 20% to ensure full visibility of the presentation content. Two rows of captions can be displayed either above or below the video, providing an optimal viewing experience for all attendees.


LEXI Viewer seamlessly integrates with Ai-Media’s flagship LEXI automatic captioning solution, harnessing the power of AI to deliver captioning results that rival human performance, at a fraction of the cost. Take full control of LEXI with the user-friendly front panel LCD screen or a wireless remote, enabling quick and effortless on/off control, adding an extra layer of convenience to your event management. 

But that’s not all - event organizers can further enhance captioning security and maintain greater control over their data by combining LEXI Viewer with LEXI Local. LEXI Local provides on-premises captioning powered by LEXI automatic captions, ensuring a secure and reliable solution that safeguards sensitive information. 

Ai-Media, the driving force behind LEXI Viewer, envisions a world where captivating event experiences are accessible to all. With this ground-breaking device, they once again demonstrate their commitment to creating inclusive and engaging events that leave no attendee behind. 

To learn more about how LEXI Viewer can transform your events, reach out to Ai-Media’s sales team
at: - Embrace the power of interactive captioning and create truly immersive experiences that captivate all attendees.

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Ai-Media unveils LEXI Viewer