Introducing Dalet InStream

  • 22 September, 2023


Capture Live Streams at Scale in the Cloud with Unmatched Flexibility. 

A major expansion to Dalet Brio capture capabilities, the new elastic IP ingest solution enables media-rich organizations
to dynamically scale ingest operations in seconds.

FRA: Dalet, a leading technology and service provider for media-rich organizations, announced the availability of Dalet InStream, the elastic IP ingest SaaS solution that enables customers to dynamically scale ingest operations in a matter of seconds. Complementing the high-density Dalet Brio on-premises ingest and playout platform, the cloud-native Dalet InStream leverages the agility and performance of the cloud in a pay-per-use model, bringing greater efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings to capturing news, sports, and other key live events.

Dalet InStream seamlessly integrates across the Dalet ecosystem - Dalet Flex, Dalet Pyramid, and
Dalet Galaxy five - enabling customers to schedule, record, access, edit, and deliver content from
anywhere, faster than ever. The flexible end-to-end cloud workflows provide customers with new
opportunities to expand their programming and significantly reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

“The amount of content our news and sports customers need to capture and manage from live events
is growing exponentially, overwhelming their existing on-premises infrastructure.​ These companies are looking for a cost-effective solution that enables them to ingest content from an ever-growing number
of live sources while reducing reliance on on-premises resources that typically sit idle for hours on end.
Dalet flips this challenge into an opportunity, allowing them to scale their ingest capabilities as needed
to thrive in an IP-first world,” states Lincoln Spiteri, CTO, Dalet.

“Recording simultaneous IP streams, particularly for major live events such as the Olympics and national elections, has typically been complex and expensive. Fully integrated within Dalet’s cloud-native ecosystem, including the web-based editor Dalet Cut, Dalet InStream opens new doors for media organizations to accelerate their content time-to-market and expand their programming.”

With the introduction of Dalet InStream, any ingest scenario required by Dalet customers is now fully supported: from IP streams in the cloud to on-premises SDI & IP feeds, standard file upload and camera card ingest. Dalet InStream is also a major milestone for the Dalet cloud-native product roadmap.
It completes Dalet’s end-to-end ingest-to-distribution cloud offering, providing customers the flexibility and computing power of the cloud on an architecture and business model that future proofs their operations.

Dalet InStream can be deployed within a day. No additional hardware investment or resources required. With a flexible subscription and pay-per-use model, customers can significantly reduce ingest costs
with potential savings between 50 and 80 percent.

Key Capabilities of Dalet InStream

The solution introduces agility and efficiency to ingest operations through a range of key functions: 

  • Scale ingest capabilities dynamically based on immediate needs, removing barriers
    for expanded opportunities.
  • Access ingest content from anywhere and enable faster workflows with growing file support, allowing you to begin editing immediately.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership while maintaining broadcast-quality capture and formats
    (high resolution and proxy generation).
  • Centralize operations with a user-friendly interface that enables users to manage both IP and
    on-premises SDI ingest, when combined with Dalet Brio.
  • Support a wide range of broadcast feed formats including SRT, NDI or RTMP from web sources, Zoom and backpack solutions to ingest live content from the field.
  • Optimize and streamline operations for news organizations through centralized recordings, which
    are available to users across multiple sites. This significantly eliminates the need for duplicate
    human and staff efforts and technical resources, introducing considerable TCO savings.

In conjunction with Dalet InStream, customers can leverage tools such as the web-based media editor Dalet Cut for live editing, fast-tracking assembly of content for highlights, social sharing, or programs,
as well as distribution - all in the cloud.

The underlying cloud-native architecture of Dalet InStream provides the firepower required to manage the recording of the world’s most complex events while future-proofing the platform for future transformation. As a SaaS offering, Dalet InStream users always leverage its latest capabilities, thanks to recurrent updates and no maintenance requirements.

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Introducing Dalet InStream