Intinor debuts at Broadcast Asia

  • 07 May, 2024


Showcasing its new HEVC algorithm, redundant SRT and innovative user interface.

SWE/SGP: Intinor, Europe’s leading developer of products and solutions for high quality video over the internet, will demonstrate the latest advances in its widely-used streaming technology at BroadcastAsia (stand 6H3-5, Singapore Expo, 29 - 31 May). Reflecting the continuing importance of the Pacific marketplace, Intinor is taking part in BroadcastAsia for the first time.

“Our many users - broadcasters, esports services, houses of worship or streaming networks - turn to Intinor for mission critical, contribution quality delivery over the internet because they know we are completely reliable,” said Roland Axelsson of Intinor. “They recognise we have always been at the forefront of the technology, and we continue to innovate in response to the market’s demands. Now, as we expand our presence to the APAC market, we're excited to bring our decades of experience in delivering
high-quality video over the internet to this region.”

Intinor is a leader thanks to its innovative and unique software tools, including its own proprietary Bifrost transport protocol. Using very sophisticated forward error correction and retransmission algorithms, this gives unchallenged stability and robustness. With network bonding, Intinor provides extended bandwidth and a greatly enhanced security of service, thanks to its ability to use multiple transport fabrics. Importantly, Intinor provides true point-to-point delivery, without the need to bounce through
the cloud, which slashes latency and boosts resilience.

This is now enhanced yet further with the addition of redundant SRT streaming, creating very high resilience by sending two separate streams over different internet providers and signal paths. All the necessary seamless switching is automatically incorporated in the Intinor Direkt link routers and receivers for simple implementation and uninterrupted delivery. Through SMPTE ST2022-7, Intinor Direkt is fully compatible with content providers using different SRT encoders and routers.

As part of the same platform, Intinor now supports open standard RTP and RTP over SRT. Because of Intinor’s ability to switch seamlessly between the two protocols, it can be used to create redundancy
with one path over a satellite feed and the other over the internet.

Intinor H.264 vs H.265 demo.

In response to user demands for even higher quality, Intinor is also launching a new implementation of the HEVC/H.265 codec for Direkt link and Direkt router, allowing users to adjust parameters to achieve the result they need. Some may use it to get significantly higher quality over the H.264 bitrate; others may prefer to maintain quality at a lower bitrate, saving cost and simplifying the creation of a stable path.

“We are aware that providing high quality contribution links over IP is, for many, a new and complex technology,” Intinor’s Axelsson said. “But seeing is believing, particularly when it comes to video,
and we invite visitors to BroadcastAsia to come and see the results we achieve.”

As well as the major software upgrades, Intinor is also launching a new hardware option, the Direkt link rack 4X. In a very compact 1U cabinet this features four SDI inputs and software encoders, with the possibility of expansion to eight. The Direkt link rack 4X runs the latest version of the core software, including the enhanced HEVC codec and redundant path streaming.

Intinor systems, based on open standards including SRT, RIST and NDI, ensure multi-vendor interoperability. See how simple and reliable high quality contribution links can be by visiting
Intinor at BroadcastAsia 2024, on stand 6H3-5.

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Intinor debuts at Broadcast Asia