Interra Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

  • 12 November, 2021


USA: Interra Systems, a leading provider of content QC, monitoring, and analysis solutions to the digital media industry, has announced it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. Interra Systems' industry-leading QC and monitoring software, including BATON, BATON Captions, and ORION-OTT, are now available on Google Cloud, empowering video service providers to adopt cloud workflows, rapidly launch traditional broadcast and video streaming services, reduce capex costs, and eliminate infrastructure maintenance. 

"A growing number of our customers are eager to transition to the cloud, and joining the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program gives us the opportunity to support those workflow requirements," said Saurabh Jain, Director, Strategic Partnerships at Interra Systems. "The Google Cloud environment is incredibly flexible, scalable, and secure, enabling greater operational and cost efficiencies for our customers embracing the cloud transformation." 

Offering its award-winning BATON QC and ORION-OTT monitoring software on Google Cloud, Interra Systems brings a wide range of benefits to service providers, broadcasters, and content providers. Solutions from Interra Systems can harness the various Google Cloud offerings like cloud storage, virtual servers for remote computing, and advanced media services such as translation and content security, to enable customers to more efficiently monitor content and assure exceptional audio and video quality on every screen.

Running Interra Systems' BATON Captions on Google Cloud simplifies automated subtitling workflows, reducing the need for manual intervention and language translation experts. The integration of Interra Systems' solutions with Google Cloud also enables service providers to monitor ABR feeds encrypted using Google Widevine DRM. 

Leading service providers, broadcasters, and content providers around the world have successfully deployed Interra Systems' software on Google Cloud.

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Interra Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program