Interra Systems’ BATON Captions Helps Drive Globalization of Media Content

  • 29 March, 2023


USA: Interra Systems, a leading provider of content QC, monitoring, and analysis solutions to the digital media industry, has announced that BATON Captions - its automated captioning solution - is helping drive the globalization of content for broadcasters and other media professionals by offering support for multiple languages, a wide range of subtitle and closed caption formats, and other advanced capabilities.

BATON Captions has added new support for Finnish and Polish, adding to the extensive list of languages it already supports. It is the only solution on the market to provide comprehensive QC checks, repurposing, and a rich set of features for subtitling and captions regeneration. BATON Captions allows for the easy and cost-effective creation, management, and delivery of high-quality subtitles and captions that cater to audiences worldwide.

"As broadcasters and service providers look to reach untapped audiences by globalizing their content - while ensuring compliance with strict regional and industry regulations - their ability to provide multi-language captions and subtitles has become increasingly crucial," said Sanjay Mittal, Executive Vice President, Product Development, at Interra Systems. "With support for a wide range of languages and services, backed by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, BATON Captions makes it quicker and easier to accurately deliver subtitles and captions to a variety of markets in different regions across the world."

BATON Captions' capabilities allow broadcasters and other media professionals to QC captions and subtitles; repurpose captions from live content for VOD applications; creation of captions from transcribed audio; auto-correct errors; translate captions from one language to another; and regenerate captions to match different video deliveries. The solution utilizes cutting-edge ML technologies, including and automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP), for faster and more efficient caption generation.

BATON Captions provides exhaustive QC and repurposing capabilities for localizing content for different geographies, by addressing complex issues. With its wide range of QC and compliance checks, BATON Captions ensures a global reach for content. Its QC checks include shift and drift, accuracy, missing captions, burnt-in text overlap, duration mismatch with content, frame-rate mismatch with content, paint style, reading speed, display duration, character count, row count, frame gap, spelling mistakes, undesirable words, vertical and horizontal position, text justification, and the ability to regenerate captions as per new video delivery in a variety of languages.

The platform also provides multilingual support for QC, captioning, and subtitling of media files, and has been enhanced to support all popular caption formats, including SRT, SCC, TTML, MacCaption closed caption (MCC), STL, TT, Cavena890, PAC, CAP, and IAM-based S3 access. In addition, BATON Captions supports all embedded and sidecar formats, major text and document formats, and an array of content locations, such as FTP, AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Storage, and GCP Storage, including YouTube URLs. Easily integrated with third-party tools, the solution offers a feature-rich review and editing platform with frame-accurate playback options.

Interra Systems will demonstrate the latest version of BATON Captions at NAB Show 2023 - April 16-19
in Las Vegas - at booth N3159. New features on display will include additional languages, project-based custom dictionaries, burnt-in captions detection and management, and profane word filtering. In addition, the core infrastructure has been upgraded to include distributed processing using multiple nodes; next-generation format-specific checks; support for the QC of stand-alone subtitle files; and more.

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Interra Systems’ BATON Captions Helps Drive Globalization of Media Content