InSync Technology marks major milestone with gold standard attention to detail

  • 03 February, 2023


UK: InSync Technology, world-leading developer of high-quality video conversion, is celebrating its 20th birthday at NAB 2023. Demonstrations on the booth will focus on the remarkable advances in quality in its algorithms, ensuring that fine detail is preserved in even the most challenging content, such as fast-moving sports. 

FrameFormer, InSync’s flagship solution, delivers industry-leading motion compensated frame rate and format conversion. This is available as a standalone solution or embedded in products from other leading vendors including AWS Elemental, Comprimato, Dalet, Hiscale, M2A and Telestream. 

Continuing development of the algorithms in FrameFormer, driven by real-world user experiences, has led to ever-more faithful retention of fine detail; for example, small balls travelling at speed across the frame, as you would find in challenging sports coverage. At the same time, engineers continue to advance the CPU-only application delivering direct cost benefits to the user by reducing the compute processing power required by as much as 20%. 

Designed from the ground up to be vendor and architecture agnostic, FrameFormer is now available for deployment on ARM based platforms. This reduces the processor demand still further, reducing cost, power consumption and environmental impact. 

“Our users include the world’s leading sports federations and broadcasters,” said James Taylor, CEO of InSync Technology. “We deeply engage to understand what really matters to them, and the thoughts of their ‘golden eyes’ engineers give us real insight into how our solution preserves the critical detail they need. I am extremely proud that the InSync team continuously adapts and improves to meet these heavily demanding applications that deliver the best viewer experience, while at the same time reducing our impact on processing and the environment.” 

InSync was founded in 2003 by world leading broadcast engineers specialising in video standards conversion. Initially providing modular video processing systems for some of broadcast’s biggest vendors, InSync continues to invest in and advance its knowledge and experience to create the next generation of signal processing technology. Since 2013 it has been an employee-owned business. 

You can find InSync in a prominent position in the Central Hall at NAB 2023,
booth #C2013, Las Vegas Convention Center, 16 - 19 April.

More information on its products and services can be found at:

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InSync Technology marks major milestone with gold standard attention to detail