InBlu2000 Upgrades with DHD DX2 Audio Production Consoles and TX Touchscreen Mixers

  • 29 January, 2024


DHD TX touchscreen mixers (left upper and lower) and DX2 desktop consoles (right), newly installed at InBlu2000.

ITA: DHD audio reports the completion of a major update to the Rome-based production facilities of Italian radio and internet broadcast InBlu2000. Audio mixing systems from DHD have been integrated as part of a large scale studio renovation supervised by Milan-based broadcast technology specialist BVMedia.

The radio platform of the Italian Episcopal Conference, InBlu2000 transmits 24-hour programming throughout Italy via the EuroDAB multiplex. Its content is also accessible via the website, Facebook, Instagram and X, plus a dedicated app. The programme schedule includes hourly radio news interspersed with light entertainment, commentary and in-depth content on social, cultural and religious themes. Particular attention is paid to religious, social, cultural and musical events.

“InBlu2000 operates from studios in Rome and Milan,” says Roberto Bellotti, BVmedia CEO. “We were commissioned to modernise the Rome facility with three production studios and a master control room. The new system will also handle third party contributions from production studios in Milan which we will build as a second phase.”

“We recommended and installed a solution including DHD DX2 and TX audio mixers plus Zenon Media broadcast management software,” adds Roberto Zeccara, BVmedia Senior Project Manager.
“The combination is configured to handle all the station’s audio routing automation and event synchronisation. The InBlu2000 team are particularly pleased with the operational ease,
flexibility and scalability of the DX2 and TX.”

The DHD DX2 is a compact desktop audio console designed for use wherever space is at a premium.
It is based on a four-fader central module and six-fader expansion unit, both of which are designed to withstand round-the-clock operation. The maximum number of faders is determined by the capabilities
of the connected core. Four faders plus a dedicated section for setup, monitoring and talkback are incorporated in the central module. The fader module has six professional grade 100 mm motorised
faders with dust-protection. Each channel also incorporates two control buttons, a UTF8-supported channel identifier, adjustable gain settings, an input channel meter and programme/off-air selection.
Each fader can support a second layer. Dedicated potentiometers are provided for headphone
and loudspeaker levels.

DHD's TX mixers are ultra-compact tabletop touchscreen panels optimised for daily operation wherever space is at a premium. Typical applications include news desks, edit suites and communication link vehicles. Just 256 mm wide, 58 mm high and 272 mm front-to-back, the TX has a 10.1 inch display with capacitive touchscreen faders plus six hardware pushbuttons and two flexibly assignable potentiometers. Other features include an XLR microphone input, headphone output, integrated talkback microphone
and a loudspeaker. A single network cable up to 100 metres in length connects the TX to a
DHD IP Core or concentrator. The cable transmits all audio and control signals plus power.

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InBlu2000 Upgrades with DHD DX2 Audio Production Consoles and TX Touchscreen Mixers