Imagine Communications Releases Market Survey Report on CTV Ad Buying

  • 16 June, 2023


Report shows 71% of ad agency execs would like to buy linear and CTV advertising together.

USA: Imagine Communications, a leading provider of ad tech solutions for TV broadcast, has published Connected TV Ad Buying: A Survey of Ad Agency Buyers, a comprehensive report presenting media companies with valuable insights and industry perspective on trends in the rapidly evolving world
of CTV advertising.

To develop the new report, Imagine surveyed senior executives from advertising agencies across Europe and North America with the goal being to provide actionable data that will help media companies make informed decisions, optimize their CTV advertising efforts and drive more revenue.

Major findings of the survey include the following:

  • 71% of respondents would like to buy linear and CTV advertising together;
  • 86% of respondents indicated that linear-like ad placement control is crucial
    in CTV advertising to achieve better targeting and campaign results.

“As broadcasters continue to expand their offerings beyond linear programming, Imagine is committed to helping them make their cross-platform businesses more profitable,” says Rob Malcolm, General Manager of Ad Tech, Imagine Communications. “This report underscores that commitment - providing real-world, actionable data that can help broadcasters tailor their offerings to better meet the needs of advertisers and attract more ad budgets to their CTV platforms.”

The survey report unlocks exclusive insights into four crucial aspects of CTV ad buying:

CTV vs. Linear Ad Buying: The report delves into the comparisons between CTV and traditional linear ad buying, exploring advertiser perceptions and expectations of each approach and planned allocation of spend.

Key Challenges: From inventory fragmentation and viewer experience to audience targeting, the survey report identifies what ad agencies perceive as the key challenges of CTV advertising and offers potential solutions.

Brand Safety and Ad Loads: The new report examines ad agencies’ perspectives on what’s needed to ensure a safe environment for their brands on CTV platforms. Additionally, it sheds light on ad load preferences and how they impact user experience and campaign effectiveness.

Measurement Expectations: With accurate measurement and attribution crucial to evaluating the success of CTV campaigns, the report presents ad agency expectations and explores emerging measurement methodologies.

Bonus Insight: The survey explores the perceived impact of new ad-based streaming services from Netflix and Disney+ on CTV ad prices.

"We conducted this survey among ad agencies to provide our broadcast customers with a better understanding of advertisers' perceptions, preferences and challenges related to CTV advertising,” adds Rob Malcolm.

“The report can also serve as a strategic planning tool, helping media companies assess the potential impact of CTV on their traditional broadcasting business and devise strategies to integrate CTV effectively.”

To gain access to the exclusive insights provided in Imagine Communications' survey report,
interested parties are encouraged to download the full report.

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Imagine Communications Releases Market Survey Report on CTV Ad Buying