Imagine Communications Partners with Google Ad Manager to Revolutionize Converged TV Advertising

  • 18 September, 2023


Unifying TV ad inventory placement and empowering programmatic efficiency.

USA: Imagine Communications, a leading provider of ad tech solutions for TV broadcast, announces an innovative partnership with Google Ad Manager that is set to transform converged TV advertising.
This strategic collaboration empowers broadcasters and TV operators to seamlessly offer cross-platform campaigns while ensuring consistent ad placement across all delivery methods - be it linear, over-the-air,
or internet-streamed CTV. Moreover, the partnership introduces innovative programmatic capabilities that complement direct ad sales, optimizing yield and enhancing ad sales efficiency.

As the media industry continues to evolve, the synergy between Imagine Communications and
Google Ad Manager helps bridge the gap between traditional linear TV's direct sales and the
dynamic world of programmatic sales in streaming CTV.

Through its SureFire™ video ad server, Imagine introduces ad routing to Google Ad Manager, offering media companies the ability to tap into Google Ad Manager’s streaming demand management capabilities to enable both direct and programmatic advertising across all deal types (e.g., Direct Sold/Programmatic, Private Marketplace Deals, and RTB). This integration empowers broadcasters and TV operators to fill unsold inventory and dynamically allocate portions of their ad inventory to maximize fill while maintaining a quality viewing experience. This comprehensive approach empowers broadcasters to offer premium ad placements across diverse platforms, while the programmatic element drives efficient yield optimization.

Surefire provides a rich set of APIs and integration points to enable implementation regardless of the sales, order management, and traffic solutions that any TV operator may prefer.

"Imagine Communications is expanding cross-platform ad management solutions to help broadcasters and media companies unify TV ad sales and deliver all the attributes advertisers love about traditional Linear TV onto CTV platforms,” said Rob Malcolm, General Manager of Ad Tech, Imagine Communications. "Our partnership with Google Ad Manager underscores this commitment, as we revolutionize not only direct sold placement, but add programmatic capabilities to meet the evolving media landscape."

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Imagine Communications Partners with Google Ad Manager to Revolutionize Converged TV Advertising