IHSE USA Showcasing at Rocky Mountain AVX

  • 26 October, 2021


IHSE USA Draco MultiView 4K60 processor will be on show at the 2021 Rocky Mountain AVX.

USA: IHSE USA has announced that it will be showcasing its latest KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) solutions in booth 800 at the 2021 Rocky Mountain Audio Video Expo (AVX), taking place Nov. 3-4 in Denver, Colorado. To meet the real-time workflow demands for secure work-at-home solutions, the company will highlight its Secure IP Remote Access (SIRA) KVM Gateway solutions for remote KVM connections and Draco MultiView 4K60 for high-resolution video in large control rooms at government and commercial facilities. 
"During this time of change in how we visualize work environments for sharing computer data between both the home and office, it's become critical that the links between the two locations are reliable and secure," said Dan Holland pictured, Marketing Manager for IHSE USA. "We see the SIRA KVM Gateway as that confident link, while our multiviewer adds more monitoring control of real-time activities in remote session management."

On display at AVX will be IHSE's R488 SIRA Gateway for KVM, which reduces the time and cost of managing multisite computer sources by combining networked workstations and local computers under a single display management system. For industry applications like video production or broadcasting, workflow is tremendously improved when operators can share multiple computer sources, whether they are centralized or located across the globe. The new SIRA Gateway adds more flexibility to the Draco tera matrix series while securely isolating the core matrix and signal management from TCP/IP. Encrypted signal transmission via IP ensures protection of intellectual property while still offering the most flexible access to matrices connected from remote locations via private or public networks.

As the SIRA Gateway uses TCP/IP for its communications protocol across the internet - and translates it to the IHSE closed-loop protocol - computers connected to the fixed KVM switch can be accessed whether they are located in the same office, the same building, or in another city or country. The R488 SIRA KVM-over-IP connection provides 50 ms latency to support superior response for broadcast and other dynamic video applications.

Also on display will be the Draco MultiView 4K60. The KVM multiviewer enables simultaneous operation of four computers shown on a single display with full access from a single keyboard and mouse. Offering four inputs and two outputs, the 1RU solution is capable of handling four ultra-high-resolution video displays up to 4K/UHD at a 60Hz frame rate; users simply move the mouse from one display region to another. With programmable keyboard commands, real-time switching between video sources is also possible. By default, the systems' individual screens can be arranged freely and displayed in different modes: full-screen, quad-screen, picture-in-picture, preview, 2+2, and free mode. Presets allow for instant switching between layouts. External control options are available via API or the GPIO interface.

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IHSE USA Showcasing at Rocky Mountain AVX