Harmonic Extends Lead in Virtualized Broadband

  • 19 October, 2023


Enhanced cOS Platform Includes Powerful Array of New Capabilities Spanning DOCSIS 3.1,
DOCSIS 4.0 and 10G Fiber.

USA: Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT) announces that its virtualized cOS™ broadband platform, previously known as CableOS®, now offers a rich array of next-generation capabilities that further extend its unique market-leading position. These capabilities include unified DOCSIS 4.0, BoostD 3.1, simplified timing synchronization for DAA, hitless software upgrades, integrated Profile Management Application (PMA) intelligence, and significantly reduced data center power consumption.

“Harmonic innovation is driven by our commitment to empowering broadband service providers with
practical solutions that accelerate their networks for the 10G-powered future and beyond," said
Nimrod Ben-Natan, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Broadband Business at Harmonic.
“The cOS platform is unique in the marketplace today, making it even easier for operators to address the very real economic, environmental and technical requirements they face, while also ensuring greater agility and versatility to strategically extend high-speed services to more subscribers.”

Enabling top-tier symmetric gigabit services, cOS now offers unified support for the DOCSIS 4.0 specification, including full duplex (FDX) and extended spectrum DOCSIS (ESD), as well as 10G fiber. Additionally, new cOS platform capability called BoostD 3.1 supports the new class of cable modems currently coming to market, allowing broadband service providers to leverage the full spectrum
and deliver fiber-like speeds over DOCSIS 3.1 networks ahead of DOCSIS 4.0 roll outs.

The cloud-native cOS platform has been further enhanced to optimize network operations significantly.
The platform now includes a unique feature to simplify device timing synchronization across networks deployed in distributed access architectures (DAA), allowing service providers to easily circumvent requirements related to utilization of specific timing protocols when necessary.

The cOS broadband software platform offers hitless software upgrades, enhancing security responsiveness. Frequent and seamless system updates provide a more robust platform to service providers while ensuring a more reliable, always-on service experience for subscribers.

In a move to further enhance its Profile Management Application (PMA) capabilities, Harmonic has integrated OpenVault’s OV PMA software (previously Nimble This) with the cOS platform. This integration reduces PMA cycle durations and provides operators with an advanced, automated solution to ensure optimal network performance at scale.

Harmonic continues its commitment to sustainability with the consistent density and performance improvements made to the cOS platform over seven generations of commercial off-the-shelf servers. Since 2016, these improvements have resulted in a remarkable 75% reduction in power consumption, minimizing operational expenses and reducing the overall carbon footprint of Harmonic’s solution.

Harmonic, known for inventing the industry's first virtualized core software almost a decade ago, revolutionized the cable broadband industry with its cOS platform. The cloud-native platform supports virtualized CMTS, BNG, OLT and third-party applications on the same compute infrastructure to improve network agility as more operators accelerate their software-defined network transformation and leverage network function virtualization. The Emmy Award-winning cOS platform is the only field-proven, deployed-at-scale solution on the market and has since become the industry’s most deployed platform with over
100 customers worldwide serving 21 million cable modems.

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Harmonic Extends Lead in Virtualized Broadband