Harmonic Brings Cutting-Edge AI Innovations to IBC2023

  • 17 September, 2023


Strategic Integrations with Microsoft OpenAI Service, Mirriad, Spideo, Leankr, and Kebula
Drive AI-Augmented Video Streaming.

USA: At IBC2023, Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT) is showcasing a series of new AI-powered video streaming innovations with industry leaders Microsoft, Leankr, Kebula, Mirriad and Spideo. Key breakthroughs addressing various aspects of AI-augmented video workflows promise to elevate the video streaming landscape.

"Harmonic continues to advance AI innovation, thanks to our strong partnerships across our VOS video streaming ecosystem," said Eric Gallier, Vice President, Video Customer Solutions at Harmonic.
"At IBC2023, we will demonstrate how video service providers can boost monetization, increase operational efficiencies and quality of experience while reducing costs by embracing AI-based
solutions at various points in the video streaming workflow."

At IBC2023, Harmonic will showcase AI solutions stemming from its collaborations with industry-leading partners, including:

  • Personalized live sports and increased fan engagement with Microsoft: Continuing to lead the industry in enabling innovative live sports streaming experiences with VOS®360 Media SaaS, Harmonic is integrating Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service as part of a technology demonstration.
    The integration enhances fan engagement in real time through personalized sports highlights,
    live transcripts and more, revolutionizing the way users engage with live sports content.
  • Automated ad break insertion with Leankr: A new integration between the Leankr Ignifai AI platform and Harmonic's VOS360 Media SaaS enables video service providers to accurately position ads in VOD content in the absence of specific triggers. The automated solution simplifies ad inventory creation while ensuring a smooth viewing experience.
  • Automated clip extraction with Kebula: Harmonic is collaborating with Kebula on a cutting-edge solution that utilizes AI algorithms to analyze live soccer content in real time. This dynamic solution empowers video service providers to create sports highlights (e.g., goals, cards, saves, misses, etc.) quickly and automatically, enhancing viewer engagement through relevant and captivating content.
  • Virtual product placement with Mirriad: Harmonic's continued collaboration with Mirriad focuses on dynamic brand insertion for VOD and linear channel playout workflows. Leveraging VOS360 Ad and AI, this sophisticated solution streamlines targeted brand insertion, optimizing advertising efficiency for linear channels without disrupting viewers.
  • FAST automated scheduling with Spideo: Harmonic's VOS360 Media SaaS is seamlessly integrated with Spideo's recommendation engine, enabling video service providers to create playlists automatically based on content themes, targeted demographics, and optimal ad inventory per hour. Driven by AI, this joint solution can efficiently identify and schedule relevant assets into a FAST channel.

Harmonic's extensive experience in AI technology is exemplified by its Emmy Award-winning EyeQ technology, a part of VOS360 Media SaaS. This technology empowers service providers to achieve up to
a 50% reduction in storage and CDN requirements, resulting in lower costs, reduced buffering times,
and enhanced video quality - all driven by the power of AI.

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Harmonic Brings Cutting-Edge AI Innovations to IBC2023