Grass Valley releases latest EDIUS X update

  • 16 December, 2022


CAN: Grass Valley has just released EDIUS X version 10.34 as a free update to all EDIUS X users. With this release EDIUS X Workgroup users now benefit from full NDI output support within EDIUS X Workgroup.

NDI (Network Device Interface) is an established advanced video over IP network technology allowing the transport of video and audio signals worldwide via a standard network.

Michael Lehmann-Horn, EDIUS distributor and CEO of EDIUS.NET: “This is indeed very exciting for EDIUS X Workgroup users because NDI opens plenty of new options - also for live video production and streaming. An EDIUS user is now able to send an NDI Stream from an EDIUS X Workgroup PC into any live mixer with NDI-support, regardless of distance or any other former limiting factors.”

During the lifecycle of EDIUS X, users will continue to benefit from the ongoing development of EDIUS X.

Download EDIUS X Version 10.34 update and release notes:

More detailed information about the key features of EDIUS X, system requirements as well as trial versions, free tutorials and more podcasts can be found at:

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Grass Valley releases latest EDIUS X update