Get Kybio monitoring free for a year

  • 16 June, 2023


FRA: WorldCast Systems is offering a free one-year subscription to its cloud-monitoring solution, Kybio,
for all new purchases within the company’s product range. During this free trial of Kybio, users will be able to supervise up to 25 WorldCast Systems devices.

Kybio is easy and fast to deploy, so users can be online within minutes thanks to the automatic configuration engine. They will benefit from real-time data, centralized from multiple equipment and locations, and presented across dynamic and customizable dashboards. Some examples of what they
can monitor with Kybio using WorldCast’s radio broadcast technology: audio transport, network flows, cartography... These features provide the insights needed to ensure optimal operations at all times.

The free trial is valid immediately for any new order, is limited to one Kybio per company, and applies to WorldCast System’s customers worldwide. The team at WorldCast understands the critical challenge radio broadcasters face to stay on-air and with the highest quality of service to audiences. That is why WorldCast Systems has decided to offer Kybio for 12 months free of charge in an effort to support
its customers in meeting their business objectives.

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Get Kybio monitoring free for a year