GatesAir Adds to Flexiva GX Transmitter Family

  • 19 March, 2024


New 2kW model takes center stage at NAB Show 2024 alongside three siblings introduced at IBC2023.

USA: GatesAir, a subsidiary of Thomson Broadcast dedicated to wireless content delivery, continues to build out its Flexiva GX transmitter family, adding new models that support the most common power levels requested by customers worldwide. New for NAB Show 2024, GatesAir is adding the new Flexiva GX2K, supporting 2000 watts (2 kW) of analog FM in a compact 2RU chassis. NAB Show 2024 also marks the North American debut of the GX50 (50 watts), GX1K (1 kW) and GX3K (3 kW), all of which debuted
at the IBC2023 show in September.

The compact, high-density architecture of the GX2K accentuates the value proposition of the Flexiva GX line for the FM engineer. Flexiva GX transmitters provide radio customers with a strong power-to-size ratio for all six power levels - including the higher power 5 kW and 10 kW models - by leveraging the latest LDMOS technology. The design packs exceptional power density into a compact chassis, with overall efficiency ratings up to 76 percent. The engineering breakthroughs in power density, efficiency and footprint are made possible through the GX’s design, enhanced by GatesAir’s third generation
PowerSmart high-efficiency transmitter architecture.

“GatesAir has carefully engineered all six GX transmitters to maintain the highest possible overall efficiency even at the lower power levels,” said Ted Lantz, Vice President, Product Line Management for GatesAir, who adds that new GX models will continue to align  with customer and market demands.

New for NAB, GatesAir has enhanced the GUI for all six GX models, including integrated audio playback and a supporting playlist manager. Options include GPS receivers for SFN support, and GatesAir’s Intraplex IP Link 100e (IPL-100e) module. The IPL-100e integrates within Flexiva GX transmitters, enabling direct
IP connectivity of FM audio and data from the studio. This further reduces rack space requirements inside
RF facilities with limited open real estate. The IPL-100e also provides support for optional integrated professional ten-band audio processing software, which can save users thousands of dollars in
auxiliary equipment.

The Flexiva GX family is available worldwide, and can be configured to serve large national or regional
FM single-frequency network (SFN) deployments. Flexiva GX transmitters also support N+1 configurations, enabling large national network operators to build very flexible and consolidated transmission sites that meet stringent uptime requirements. 

GatesAir will also demonstrate low-power Flexiva FAX air-cooled transmitters and its FMXi 4g all-in-one embedded HD Radio solution at NAB Show 2024, which takes place April 14-17
at the Las Vegas Convention Center. GatesAir exhibits at Booth W2730.

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GatesAir Adds to Flexiva GX Transmitter Family