FUJIFILM launches new 4K Broadcast Lens and Zoom Rate Demand Unit

  • 25 October, 2021


FUJIFILM’s new FUJINON UA107x8.4BESM-T45 (UA107x8.4) 4K-compatible broadcast lens equipped with a new
image-stabilisation mechanism and customisation capabilities.

AUS: FUJIFILM has launched the FUJINON UA107x8.4BESM-T45 (UA107x8.4), a 4K-compatible broadcast lens equipped with a new image-stabilisation mechanism and customisation capabilities, and the zoom rate demand unit FUJINON ERD-50A-D01 (ERD-50A) featuring a large LCD panel. The two products will be released in late November 2021.

The UA107x8.4 is a 107x zoom model with a newly-redesigned image-stabilisation mechanism and makes 4K video-shooting easier than ever when combined with the ERD-50A.

Today, the use of 4K-compatible video equipment is spreading rapidly in a diverse range of video production including live sports / concert coverage. Envisaging the proliferation of high-definition video, Fujifilm became the first in the world to release a 4K-compatible broadcast lens and has since expanded the line-up of such lenses and their accessories to facilitate users.

The new UA107x8.4 is a 4K-compatible broadcast lens that offers an ultra-high 107x magnification zoom, covering the focal length range from 8.4 mm to 900 mm. Equipped with the newly-redesigned image-stabilisation mechanism with enhanced performance, the new lens can accurately correct image blurs caused by winds or shaking of the footing without any time lag, providing added stability in video shooting. It is newly equipped with a built-in LCD panel, which allows users to adjust shooting settings in detail.

The ERD-50A is a zoom rate demand unit that features a highly-visible LCD panel and a four-way operation button for intuitive and uncomplicated operability. When combined with the UA107x8.4, the unit allows users to choose the zoom curve optimum to a given shooting scene out of 200 options*1 zooming in to an athlete swiftly and accurately for dynamic live sport coverage or delivering ultra-slow and smooth zooming into a musician for expressive live music coverage. The unit also carries an AUX button, to which a frequently used function can be assigned, and comes with a display for checking shooting settings, including functions assigned to the AUX button and the on / off status of image stabilisation, whilst shooting video.

Fujifilm is introducing the UA107x8.4 and ERD-50A, which enhance the usability of 4K video systems, to cater to the ever-increasing demand for easier high-definition video production. The ERD-50A has also won the 2021 Good Design Award in recognition of its outstanding performance and easy operability.

The new FUJINON ERD-50A-D01 (ERD-50A) zoom rate demand unit featuring a large LCD panel.

Key features and specs:


  • Featuring a newly-redesigned image stabilisation mechanism - The new lens features an image stabilization mechanism based on the “ceramic ball roller” system. It delivers better image-stabilisation performance than the previous model, and controls swing-back well to produce stable video.
  • Ultra-high 107x magnification. The lens offers ultra-high magnification of 107x, covering a broad range of focal lengths from 8.4 mm in wide angle to 900 mm in ultra-telephoto, capturing a subject from far distance.
  • New built-in LCD panel. A built-in LCD panel has been added to allow detailed adjustment to shooting settings including zoom curve and focus curve.
  • Advanced resolving power and rich tonality. Aspherical elements and fluorite elements*2 are used to control various types of aberration thoroughly. The use of the “floating focus system,” which controls multiple lens groups according to shooting distance, minimizes performance fluctuations based on shooting distance, thereby delivering advanced image-resolving power from near distance to infinity.
  • Combination of the zoom rate demand unit ERD-50A and the focus position demand unit EPD-51A for ease of use. The new lens can be combined with the all-new zoom rate demand unit ERD-50A to give access to 200 zoom curve options, easy activation of the image-stabilization mechanism and back-focus adjustment, easily handled from the ERD-50A. The lens can also be combined with the already-released focus position demand unit EPD-51A for precise focusing at hand, facilitating 4K video production that requires advanced focus precision.


  • Featuring a highly visible large LCD panel and a four-way button that can accommodate lever operations. The new demand unit inherits the previous FUJINON ERD-5A’s zooming operability but is added with a highly visible large LCD panel and a four-way button that provides lever operations. In the [Settings] mode, users can assign their favourite function to the AUX button. It can be switched to the [Check] mode to visually confirm the function assigned to the AUX button or the activation status of the image-stabilisation mechanism at a glance even during shooting to facilitate the smooth operation.
  • Offering the choice of zoom curves / zoom patterns optimized for shooting scenes*3. The unit offers 200*4 zoom curves and three zoom patterns to choose from, so that users can select zoom settings optimized for each scene for high-quality video production.
  • Optimised layout of switches. The layout for frequently-used switches such as those for image stabilization and extender, has been optimised. The switches are positioned within the area where a thumb could reach while the user is holding the grip, so as to facilitate intuitive operations. The [AUX VOL] dial on the top panel can be used for back-focus adjustments.
  • Up to nine sets of personal settings. Users can store up to nine sets of settings including zoom curve / zoom pattern selections and the function assigned to the AUX button, offering an added level for convenience.

*1 These options are also available when the unit is combined with the 4K-compatible broadcast zoom lens.
*2 Lens element made of fluorite, which has a characteristically small chromatic dispersion in light transmittance
and refractive indices. It enables optical design with minimal chromatic aberration.
*3 Dead zone in the thumb ring before activating zoom.
*4 In the combination with the FUJINON UA107x8.4BESM, or the FUJINON UA125×8BESM.


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FUJIFILM launches new 4K Broadcast Lens and Zoom Rate Demand Unit