Flowics and Harmonic partner

  • 24 November, 2022


USA: Flowics has announced a new partnership with Harmonic to enhance cloud-based video workflows. Flowics Graphics is now compatible with Harmonic's VOS®360 cloud SaaS platform and Spectrum™ X Advanced Media Server, enabling customers to add state-of-the-art graphics into their video feeds streaming.

The VOS360 platform simplifies all stages of media processing and delivery for premium video streaming and broadcast services. This is done by allowing users to securely deliver video content directly to consumers and syndicate partners.

Harmonic’s VOS360 SaaS solution receives content at the source, transfers it to the cloud, and then sends it directly to the viewer’s screen - improving the quality of experience, reducing latency, and enhancing encoding efficiency. The software-based Spectrum X Advanced Media Server also allows clients to easily expand storage and add new codecs and other advanced features.

Often, content producers must add graphic overlays to customize the video feed before it plays out. But the new collaboration with Harmonic has generated an easier way to do that.

“As a growing number of media companies move their playout workflows to the cloud to simplify operations, it makes sense that the related components follow suit. With this in mind, we have fully integrated our playout and delivery solutions with the next generation of HTML5-based graphics from Flowics, enabling operators to create and manage assets live in the cloud,” said Eric Gallier, Vice President, Video Customer Solutions, Harmonic.

Content producers can now use the Flowics Graphics cloud-native graphics engine to enhance or personalize video feeds with additional data-driven HTML5 graphics directly in the cloud. Then they can add those graphic overlays to channels being set up in Harmonic’s solutions and on top of video productions in the cloud. The result? A superior branding continuity between all components from production to distribution.

“By working together, Flowics and Harmonic make it possible for media companies to add broadcast-quality, HTML5, data-driven graphics to their video feeds when using Harmonic video delivery systems,” said Flowics CEO and founder Gabriel Baños. “They can customize the video feeds for different regions and add downstream graphics before delivering the video - all directly from the cloud. This makes both of our products even more versatile.”

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Flowics and Harmonic partner