Facilis Announces Shared File System Support for Apple M1 ARM-based Macs

  • 01 June, 2021


USA: Facilis, a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks, has announced support for Apple M1 Arm-based Macs.

Starting with version 8.0.7, Facilis HUB Shared File System supports MacOS Big Sur and Apple M1 ARM-based Mac systems. Facilis software is compatible with new Mac systems powered by the M1 chip. The M1 is the first Apple-designed System on a Chip (SoC) that's been developed for use in Macs. Apple M1 is available in newer Macs including the MacBook Air, the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the Mac mini, and the new 24-inch iMac. Apple’s M1 offers improvements to computing performance, graphics output, and battery life which can be extremely important to the Content Creation market.

Facilis HUB Shared File System version 8 brings many compelling features to content creation shared storage environments, including software defined RAID6 protection with up to 4-drive failure tolerance, Bandwidth Prioritization for maintaining the highest performance on critical workstations, and flash storage tiering which enables dynamic use of flash-based storage alongside traditional hard-disk storage.

The M1-based MacBook Air demonstrates performance equal to or better than its predecessors and many Windows competitors. This is even true for some apps that run natively on older Intel-powered machines but use Rosetta 2 emulation on the MacBook Air.

“In addition to the many new features and benefits in our software, we are pleased to be on the leading edge of the industry with support for Apple M1 Macs,” said Shane Rodbourn, Chief Operating Officer at Facilis Technology. “We continue to move forward our powerful shared file system and storage architecture, while bringing the latest technological advances to our customers.”


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Facilis Announces Shared File System Support for Apple M1 ARM-based Macs