Exterity Releases Powerful New AvediaStream m9605 Media Player

  • 21 April, 2021


UK: Exterity, a VITEC company, announces the release to the market of its new AvediaStream m9605 Media Player, the company’s most powerful digital signage media player to date. The cutting-edge media player, which offers a combination of 4K video and 4K 60fps graphics and animations capability is now available for immediate order.

The AvediaStream m9605 Media Player provides the ability to seamlessly integrate both 4K video and smooth, stunningly detailed 4K graphics and animations into digital signage for an enhanced and captivating visual experience where the very highest quality of graphical detail is required. It features an Intel Core CPU, high-capacity on-device solid state storage and a quiet fanless design.

“Being able to engage people and communicate with them onsite at any venue is more important than ever - not least because it helps keep everyone safe by providing not just entertainment and information but vital details on safety protocols and sanitising facilities. Increasingly, people expect high resolution video, whether at home or in public venues, so being able to meet these expectations is critical to gaining their focus. The AvediaStream m9605 is designed specifically for discerning audiences and delivery of the finest quality image and video display,” - Colin Farquhar, CEO at Exterity, a VITEC company.

The release of the AvediaStream m9605 Media Player coincides with a number of new features being added to ArtioSign, Exterity’s Digital Signage + IPTV in One application. The AvediaStream m9405 Media Player now provides the ability to play two full-HD video streams simultaneously in an ArtioSign landscape signage layout - which is ideal for applications where a main video, such as live or recorded TV, is displayed alongside promotional video ads in, for example, a stadium concourse.

ArtioSign also now includes support for signage touch input on Samsung SSSP6. As a first level of touch support in ArtioSign, SSSP6 users can select and play from a video list, exit video playback, adjust volume settings, seek forwards and backwards through video, and pause/restart video. ArtioSign also now supports multiple revenue centres in the Oracle Simphony Point of Sale (PoS) system enabling, for example, the handling of dynamic menu boards in larger venues with numerous independent concession-stands. In addition, ArtioSign now offers support for the Philips 1 meeting room panel.

The news that the AvediaStream m9605 Media Player is now shipping comes just a week after the announcement that the company has been acquired by VITEC, a worldwide leader in IP video streaming solutions. Synergies between the two companies will enable VITEC to extend its reach into new geographies, market verticals and partners while allowing Exterity to offer a wider range of best-in-class products, solutions and services to its customers. The result is expanded engineering excellence, global geographic distribution and complementary product portfolios as the new combined company takes advantage of its combined technologies, market strengths and network of integrators and partners.


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Exterity Releases Powerful New AvediaStream m9605 Media Player