Etere Releases Router Control Panel

  • 19 July, 2022


SGP: Etere Router Control Panel is a free software upgrade. It helps broadcasters manage complex multi-router switching from different routers into a single virtual router for streamlined management.

Etere Router Control Panel empowers users with the software tools to manage complex switching of multiple channel sources and destinations, including virtual routers and complex switching. Etere Virtual Router pairs numerous channels from different routers into a single virtual router.

What's different from a traditional setup is that each station can create as many virtual routers as needed without the associated hardware costs. The router sources can be video, audio, or GPIO, giving you maximum flexibility to manage multiple router signals effectively. At a glance, operators can quickly view the real-time statuses of the routers, sources, destinations, selected routers, and active switches.

Furthermore, Etere Router Control is an open system that can manage any router across multiple platforms for a seamless operation. Etere provides all the software tools you need to work faster and smarter.

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Etere Releases Router Control Panel