ENCO DAD Radio Workflow Brings Automation & AI Together

  • 02 April, 2024


At NAB Show 2024, ENCO unveils DAD’s deeper integration with WebDAD’s remote workflow
and a new AI module for content creation.

USA: ENCO is building on its legacy of radio automation leadership with the direct integration of AI and cloud toolsets into its DAD automation workflow. At NAB Show 2024, ENCO will show how built-in WebDAD functionality simplifies and improves on-air and production workflows by extending DAD’s reach to more places through a scalable and affordable architecture. ENCO will also unveil the integration of AITrack
for voice tracking and dynamic content insertion within the DAD and WebDAD architecture.

ENCO’s WebDAD platform extends the DAD universe in a more streamlined manner, allowing users to manage and control studio based ENCO DAD radio automation systems from anywhere. Offering remote access for everything from uploading content and modifying playlists to voice tracking, WebDAD enables flexible remote working models for broadcasters by letting users efficiently manage their on-air and production operations even when personnel isn’t physically in the station’s facilities.

ENCO has added several new features to WebDAD that better align the user experience with traditional DAD systems. Top of this list is the addition of DAD’s familiar Presenter on-air interface, providing remote WebDAD operators with the same live assist interface users enjoy in the on-air studio. WebDAD also now offers more granular control over user permissions, including controlled access to libraries, functions and systems; and added support for third-party accessibility, simplifying usability for people with impairments or disabilities.

“WebDAD’s expanded capabilities elevate it beyond being a reliable remote access tool,”
said Ken Frommert, President, ENCO. “Visitors to our NAB booth will see first-hand how WebDAD now packs the power of DAD into a lighter platform, with the flexibility to control their on-air systems within
the local studio or in the cloud from a web browser. We are actively turning the broadcaster’s local DAD infrastructure into a global on-air and production network. With WebDAD’s lightweight, studio-ready
feature set, we also see opportunity to slim down the in-studio automation infrastructure
as we deepen its integration within DAD’s framework.”

ENCO will also demonstrate the benefits of using AITrack, one of two AI applications that ENCO previewed last year at NAB, as part of the DAD and WebDAD workflow. Introduced as a simple automatic voice track application, ENCO has evolved the AITrack universe as a multifaceted AI production toolset. Users can now pre-schedule and customize automated voice tracks that use synthetic voices to produce natural-sounding, engaging content between songs. AITrack also amplifies the on-air experience, providing instant turnaround for dynamic insertions of breaking news, weather, sports and more into live broadcasts. Operators can also create and schedule unique content, such as summarizing earlier shows or
giving a detailed introduction of future song blocks, within DAD for playout at specified times.

“Making AITrack a genuine part of the automation workflow means that our customers can deliver engaging content in any daypart and at any time, whether pre-scheduled or conceived in the moment,”
said Frommert. “In addition to voice tracking and scheduling common on-air events such as song intros, station IDs, sports scores and weather forecasts, AITrack makes it easy to inject more creativity into the broadcast. Whether pre-scheduled or dynamic, AITrack leverages generative AI models and synthetic speech engines to provide engaging content for listeners in new and exciting ways, and without
a heavy lift on the production side. AITrack essentially assumes the role of the AI DJ.”

ENCO will also demonstrate its SPECai solution, which leverages generative AI models to create
spec ads with human-sounding voices within seconds.

NAB Show 2024 takes place April 14-17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center,
visit Enco in the West Hall - Booth W1743.


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ENCO DAD Radio Workflow Brings Automation & AI Together