ENCO Adds AI News Anchor to Qimera Virtual Set

  • 28 March, 2024


Step inside ENCO’s virtual production studio environment, with live news delivery
powered through AI and augmented reality.

USA: At the 2024 NAB Show, ENCO will showcase an AI-driven virtual anchor delivering live news from
a realistic 3D virtual news set. This innovative presentation will be produced live from a virtual production studio powered by Qimera AR/VR/MR systems in combination with generative AI technologies.
Attendees are invited to step inside this veritable virtual production universe at ENCO’s booth (W1743)
in the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, taking place from April 14-17, 2024.

ENCO first unveiled their partnership with Qimera at NAB last year, where they debuted a complete virtual production in their booth. The AI virtual anchor is an exciting new innovation for this year’s exhibit, leveraging AI models to generate virtual human anchors that speak with human-sounding voices.
These are generated by ENCO new SPECai generative AI text and voice creation application.
Specifically, the Qimera virtual production workflow will acquire and summarize a news story,
delivered as synthetic speech through the virtual anchor.

“The convergence of AI with news production technology represents a significant step forward in that it introduces an automated way to create compelling, localized content in real-time,” said ENCO President Ken Frommert. “We fully expect this impressive technology to make a big impact in 2024 because it
offers a broad, robust feature set with a simplified, intuitive user experience unseen in the marketplace.”

The Qimera virtual production environment accelerates the learning curve by removing all the complexity from the process. The underlying Qimera technology generates realistic, real-time graphical sets
by harnessing its integrated Unreal Engine, NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, and 3D asset library.
Other integrated features include virtual cameras, tracked/trackless camera systems, a 4-input
switcher and DMX lighting controls.

As Qimera’s exclusive North American distributor, ENCO sells and markets Qimera’s virtual production technology and integrates it with ENCO’s automation, studio production and captioning product lines.
This NAB virtual production studio experience is designed to call attention to the extensive products offered by ENCO and its partners.

“Our 2024 NAB Show exhibit is a strong example of how ENCO blends the physical and digital worlds
with AI to ignite groundbreaking creative possibilities,” Frommert added. “We are just getting started.”

Founded in 1983, ENCO pioneered the use of computer-based, digital audio and program automation for radio stations and TV studios. The company has since evolved its award-winning product line to span all aspects of today’s automated broadcast and production workflows, including live virtual production, closed and open captioning, visual radio, audio compliance, instant media playout, remote contribution, and cloud-based web streaming. It also brings the benefits of its captioning and live audio/video playout innovations to professional AV environments including conference rooms, lecture halls, sporting arenas and event venues.


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ENCO Adds AI News Anchor to Qimera Virtual Set