EMG UK Slashes Emission Levels

  • 03 November, 2022


UK: Europe’s leading broadcast service provider EMG has announced that it has saved over 300 tonnes of emissions by adopting Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Green D+ fuel for its fleet of OB trucks. This is the equivalent to powering an average UK house for over 103 years!

As part of its sustainability strategy, EMG became the first OB and facilities company in the UK to install their own HVO Green D+ fuel station in 2021. Located at EMG’s UK HQ in High Wycombe, the bonded HVO Green D+ fuel tank has the capacity to fill all EMG’s diesel trucks, tenders and support vehicles when in base.

HVO Green D+ fuel can deliver up to 90% reductions in net CO2 greenhouse emissions, when compared to regular diesel, and is, therefore, significantly better for the environment than regular diesel or biodiesel. HVO fuel is made from waste and renewable feedstocks (classified by EU’s REDII legislation) - waste and residues from industry that are unfit for animal or human consumption.

Rohan Mitchell, Director of ESG, EMG said: "EMG has ambitious long-term targets for sustainability. We are committed to making a meaningful reduction in our environmental impact by driving forward a climate mitigation programme, which has been running since 2018. We are always working with our valued partners and stakeholders to help to drive actionable change. We have an ongoing commitment for a more sustainable business and are continually reviewing our activities to accelerate a clean and green culture.”

Simon Cook, Head of Fleet and Support Services, EMG UK added: "We are passionate about supporting the broadcast industry by minimising our tail pipe emissions. The results of our HVO usage have been very promising and we are exploring options to maximise its reach to the furthers corners of our operations. There is no sign yet of a ‘one size fits all, solution so we are currently analysing what fleet applications could be supported by alternative fuel technology such as battery, hydrogen and any new innovations that can help us reduce our emissions. We’re due to launch further initiatives on this over the coming months."


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EMG UK Slashes Emission Levels