EMG Italy deploys Riedel’s Simplylive

  • 22 September, 2023


Riedel's Simplylive Production Suite enables EMG Italy to run 1,500 annual live events remotely.

GER: Riedel Communications announces that EMG Italy, a leading provider of broadcast and media production services, has been utilizing Riedel's Simplylive Production Suite in its unique broadcast center dedicated to Italy's most important sports broadcasters and media producers. Having proven especially useful for soccer, volleyball, field hockey, boxing, and basketball, the Simplylive Production Suite has enabled the technical hub to cover up to 1,500 remote live events in the past season.

"The EMG Italy Broadcast Center has been developed to be one of the best high-tech production and distribution hubs for broadcasters, and I am proud to say that we've been one of the first companies in Italy to do remote productions with the Simplylive Production Suite. During the last months, we have extended our production environment with additional Riedel Live Production Suites, like in our brand-new Instant Replay Center for Lega Basket Serie A," said Francesco Donato, Chief Technology Officer at EMG Italy. "The beauty of the Riedel solution is its scalability and the flexibility to achieve the highest product quality, both from a technical and editorial point of view. Certainly, one of the additional benefits is its capacity to manage TV productions and related workflows that previously required a higher commitment of resources. Our deepest thanks go to Riedel for helping us not only expand our capabilities affordably, but also to maintain our position as a pioneer."

Remote production is one of the most important parts of EMG Italy's extensive catalog of TV production services, which also includes a wide fleet of OB vans, TV studios, live graphics and data management, connectivity, and digital services. As a one-stop shop for the Italian market, EMG Italy can remotely produce and distribute a basis of 40 live events per weekend, with up to 30 live matches simultaneously, making it far more essential to program each setup and manage requests quickly. With built-in video and audio mixers, live replay, file creation, and live streaming and video review, the Simplylive Production Suite covers all the workflows required by television production, enabling EMG Italy to maximize both efficiency and effectiveness. In fact, the solutions offered through the platform have allowed the company to feasibly handle low- and mid-tier live sports productions among their high-profile events, thereby enabling EMG Italy to grow its business and clientele.

Recently, EMG Italy has installed 13 new, fully equipped Simplylive Production Suite workstations, totaling 41 workstations active the whole year. As a modular, software-driven live production platform, the Riedel suite offers flexible setup and ease of use that has allowed the company to manage sport productions and centralize and optimize crews. The platform has also enabled EMG Italy to reduce CO2 emissions by limiting travel to live event venues. Overall, Riedel has empowered the company to achieve consistent,
high-quality workflows without needing larger and more complex installations.

"With the Riedel platform, EMG Italy can provide flexible and optimized remote workflows for live, multicamera productions that also include video and audio mixing, live replays, managing highlights, graphics mixing, and video review," said Harry Kapros, Business Director, Live Video Production, Riedel Communications. "This is clearly a cost-saving investment that allows EMG to take a hybrid approach to sports productions, expanding its operational capacity and greatly improving the quality of its product."

Giuseppe Angilello, Regional Sales Manager Italy and Malta at Riedel, added: "We're proud to see how EMG Italy is redefining the future of remote production and setting new standards in the Italian broadcasting industry. As one of our long-term clients, the company truly fulfills its mission of offering innovative and efficient remote production solutions for such a large volume of events. We look forward
to continuing our collaboration, delivering solutions that help our clients accomplish far more tasks
with far less complexity."

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EMG Italy deploys Riedel’s Simplylive