EMG Enhances OB Truck Fleet

  • 05 May, 2023


Simon Cook, Head of Fleet and Support Services, and Peter Bates, CEO, EMG UK.

UK: EMG, Europe’s leading broadcast service provider, has announced that it is progressing its long-term plan to increase the sustainability of its fleet of golf-focused OB trucks with the addition of six Volvo FH (Forward High) tractor units.

The Volvo FH tractor units feature the latest safety and sustainable operation features. Their Turbo Compound Engines deliver a 7.5% increase in fuel efficiency; and adhere to the Euro 6 standard for clean exhaust emissions. The Turbo Compound Engines will reduce EMG’s environmental footprint over the longer distances its OB trucks are required to travel. The Volvo FH trucks are also manufactured sustainably; leveraging fossil-free steel, which is made without creating CO2 emissions and by using fossil-free energy sources.

Alongside these more sustainable features, EMG fleet drivers will also benefit from the Volvo FH’s fully adaptable digital instrument display, designed to help keep hands on the steering wheel and full attention forward. Volvo FH trucks also comprise dual radar on each side of the vehicle to detect when other road users, such as cyclists, enter the driver’s risk area.

As part of its ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) program, the acquisition of these Volvo FH tractor units will enable EMG to cycle several older models out of its golf fleet. EMG has now upgraded 50% of this fleet with cleaner and more sustainable trucks which travel long distances all over Europe for the golf coverage. The new units are currently being prepared for and started travelling to major broadcast events from late April.

Simon Cook, Head of Fleet and Support Services, EMG UK, said: "The acquisition of these Volvo FH tractor units underlines EMG's commitment as an organisation to cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable operations. We have a long-term plan to continually appraise and revamp our OB truck fleet, based on what strides are made in the market towards more sustainable vehicles. This is a continual evolution, that will ensure that our fleet has much less of an impact on the environment when delivering major sporting events, such as golf."

EMG UK’s Golf Operations Team has around 30 years of collective experience in delivering major tournament coverage. Its engineering team has covered all DP World Tour events worldwide in partnership with European Productions (the joint venture between DP World Tour and IMG to produce and distribute coverage of the DP World Tour, The Challenge Tour, The Ryder Cup and The Open) and has the expertise to meet all of the unique challenges involved. Last year alone, EMG covered 36 golf events across 15 countries in Europe and the Middle East, including the historic 150th anniversary of The Open last July.

Peter Bates, CEO, EMG UK said: “Being a more sustainable outside broadcast company is a responsibility that EMG takes very seriously. It's heartening to see that we will be able to cover major DP World Tour golfing events in a way that is more considerate to the environment. Our long-term ESG plan continues amid an increasing number of low emission zones being established all over Europe. The introduction of these new Volvo FH to our fleet of golf OB trucks means that we can also be alive to this situation and continue to stay compliant to regulatory requirements.”

Mary-Claire Gill, VP and Head of Production for European Tour Productions, IMG said: “Sustainability is
an important issue to us, so we are delighted to be working with a company like EMG, which demonstrates a progressive attitude towards solving the challenges involved, but also takes positive action to make
a change. We look forward to working with EMG on major golfing events in Europe over the course
of this year.”


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EMG Enhances OB Truck Fleet