electric.friends launches studio robotics for PTZ cameras

  • 11 September, 2023


NOR: electric.friends, the industry frontrunner in innovative studio robotics, announces the launch of two new robotic elevator systems that answer a need for flexible studio setups. 

Unveiling at IBC2023 in Amsterdam, the new studio robotics elevators promise to redefine the boundaries of studio robotic technology. The new E4S is a Standalone Elevator, and the new TE4 is a Trolley-Elevator with all the features of our existing trolley and rail system; both are built with the game-changing combination of advanced robotics, studio aesthetics and support for a wide range of PTZ cameras.

Key Features

Universal Compatibility - Robotic elevators designed for seamless integration with PTZ cameras
or pan-tilt heads, offering flexibility and adaptability in studio setups.

Precision Engineering - Crafted for fluid camera operations, the new robotic elevators boast automatic tower elevation and movement. Choose between the new Standalone Elevator and the Trolley-Elevator, complemented by the possibility to use flush floor tracks, ensuring the smoothest broadcast shots
and studio safety. 

AI-Powered Control - Advanced AI-driven camera control software with the electric.friends AC2PTZ
fine-tunes shooting angles, image framing, and automatic camera shots. Integrates with studio
automation systems like Viz Mosart and others for a complete workflow.

"Today's media technology landscape demands innovation and elegant and versatile solutions", says John Kjellevold, CEO of electric.friends. "With the Trolley-Elevator, we've taken everything great about our renowned trolley solution running on our renowned flush floor tracks and added the capability to lift PTZs, making it a perfect fit." 

IBC2023 attendees are invited to experience the new robotic elevators ES4 and TE4
in action at the electric.friends booth 11.D34, click here to book a meeting.

Founded in 2013, electric.friends has consistently pushed the envelope in studio robotics, combining aesthetics with functionality. With a reputation for beautifully designed products, electric.friends' innovations have been instrumental in optimizing studio operations and enhancing the quality of broadcast content worldwide. Customers include, among others, the BBC, TV 2, Al Araby, MBC, and SRF. 


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electric.friends launches studio robotics for PTZ cameras