EditShare releases new FLOW and EFS capabilities

  • 24 November, 2021


USA: EditShare®, the technology leader that enables storytellers to create and manage collaborative media workflows, announced significant updates to its FLOW media asset management (MAM) and EFS shared storage systems.

Available now, the new release brings enterprise-level availability and redundancy to FLOW, ensuring continuous, outstanding system performance and uptime from ingest to archive. The high-availability FLOW platform also introduces a slew of user-centric updates including new Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve panel capabilities and proxy support that further simplify working remotely. Complementing the enhanced creative experience are time-saving EFS administrative features that provide smart shortcuts, system transparency, and automation, bringing even more efficiencies to the workflow.

“This release builds on the road-tested success of the high-availability capabilities in EditShare’s award-winning EFS media file system and the company’s commitment to delivering open systems that optimize the integration of innovative 3rd-party solutions,” states Sunil Mudholkar, Vice President of Product Management, EditShare. “With a new enterprise-level high availability architecture in FLOW for both cloud and on-premises, we enable greater scale & resiliency and provide customers with an end-to-end workflow solution that maximizes uptime using the wide range of tools they already know and love.”

“Like many markets, the media industry embraces cloud platforms to enable better remote working and collaboration, trends that are here to stay,” states Frank Della Rosa, Research Director SaaS, Business Platforms, and Ecosystems IDC. “The EditShare platform is a key technology enabler that facilitates collaboration and secure content management from anywhere. The company's continued push towards developing open solutions is a major benefit for customers who want to expand beyond the traditional media workflows.”

FLOW High Availability
FLOW’s high availability is achieved by giving its central database multiple points of redundancy to mitigate against hardware or network failures that would affect MAM client accessibility during active productions. Consistent with this, FLOW’s services are scalable and presented as multi-instance, redundant elements within the overall system.

FLOW Panel Enhancements - Adobe® Premiere® Pro and DaVinci Resolve
EditShare’s NLE panel integrations bring the benefits of FLOW directly into Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolves user interfaces, enabling users to access FLOW’s features without leaving the familiar NLE environment. 

  • Users can now exchange FLOW sequences directly with Adobe Premiere Pro and Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve thanks to the new FLOW Cuts List sequence import function.
  • Extended Metadata support lets team members add metadata information to sequences, including custom fields. This improves and enriches metadata associated with sequences.
  • AirFLOW now shows sequence metadata in its user interface.
  • Improved media relinking logic automatically imports and relinks Hi-Res source footage located within a project's complex folder structure after completion of a proxy edit.

Support for Multiple Proxy Formats Per Clip
In addition to standard streaming proxies, FLOW can now generate additional high quality ProRes Proxy and H.264 files. This simplifies relinking to complex clips with multichannel audio track layout in remote workflow scenarios.

Storage DNA Archive Support
FLOW now fully supports the latest version of DNA Evolution by Storage DNA. Users can easily archive and restore FLOW assets from third-party LTO/LTFS and disk-based tiers. 

In-App Messaging & Guides
EditShare is building on the momentum of bringing better web-based user experiences to customers through the use of in-app guides and feedback messaging capabilities. As the company brings more and more features to the browser-based experience it is their aim to guide these users to the new capabilities and solicit feedback directly within EFS Control and FLOW.

EditShare Telemetry
EditShare Telemetry makes it easy for administrators to share Audit and Monitor data with EditShare’s secure network operations center. Through Telemetry, EditShare can work with customers to ensure systems are running optimally through pro-active monitoring and event alerting. Please contact EditShare technical support or your account representative for more information and to participate in the trial program for this service.

EFS Control Maintenance Mode
New controls allow maintenance users to manage files in certain media spaces while restricting other users to read-only access.

Active Directory Single Sign On (ADSSO) enhancements
Multiple improvements to ADSSO to enhance enterprise-level user management.

For more information on what is new in FLOW, please see the release video.


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EditShare releases new FLOW and EFS capabilities