Easel TV to unveil AI-Powered Innovations at IBC2023

  • 31 August, 2023


Furthering its streamlined ‘single-click’ approach to the creation of direct-to-consumer Streaming Services.

UK: Easel TV Limited, a provider of cutting-edge streaming solutions, is set to unveil industry-leading developments in AI technology at this year's International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam. With a focus on leveraging AI for the TV and media industry, Easel TV’s ‘eAI’ tools aim to minimise the cost and effort required to create world-class TV-quality streaming services.

Easel TV’s next-generation Content Management System - released at IBC2022 - stood out for reducing very complex media workflows into simple light-touch, editorial-only tasks, in the production of a global multi-screen streaming services.

This was very much the start of a vision the company holds for a ‘single-click’ philosophy to empower content owners (from broadcasters, TV channel owners and studios to sports clubs, music, festival and event owners) to instantly and affordably generate a world-class, TV quality streaming experience for audiences globally. Clearly, AI elevates this to another level through automation of previously manual tasks.

“Increasingly, the owners of valuable content are not broadcasters or movie studios, and running a streaming service is not their core business.”, says Joe Foster, CEO of Easel TV. Easel TV’s approach means existing editorial administrators in these businesses can do complex and time consuming tasks instantly and without big budgets or complicated SI projects.

“AI rapidly advances the ‘single-click’ vision”, says Foster. AI saves clients’ money. AI saves time, but more importantly, it is built into the Easel TV end-to-end SaaS service. “AI in a headless system is fine but it still needs to be integrated into the end-to-end solution used to deliver a streaming service, otherwise all that streamlined workflow just grinds to a halt and the real benefits are lost” points out Foster,
“by building AI directly into our full end-to-end SaaS service - and front-and-centre in our CMS dashboard - we put AI directly into the hands of a football team administrator or a celebrity chef to use in the creation, direct publishing and management of their streaming service”.

Easel TV is at the forefront of AI innovation, integrating capability across the breath of its service.
Here's a glimpse into some of its initial advances and their benefits:

  • Reducing time & effort in image management; drag and drop a single image and let eAI convert it into multiple types and sizes, auto cropping the images intelligently, focusing on faces and action.
  • With a single-click, instantly generating comprehensive cast lists for movies or TV shows, complete with actor bios and roles, simplifying a traditionally time-consuming process.
  • Categorising and cross-linking content effortlessly by allowing eAI to dynamically generate categories appropriate to the content.
  • Elevating SEO keywords and social media copy optimisation with eAI's guidance, ensuring your online presence maximises its impact.
  • Using AI to analyse videos, allowing us to expertly ascertain the optimal bitrate ladder for each upload. By doing so, we can reduce our client’s CDN costs while ensuring an unparalleled quality experience for their valued customers.

We've also integrated AI into our dashboard, allowing you to ask questions and get assistance with how best to use the Easel TV service.

Easel TV’s eAI (Easel TV AI) assist functionality, which will be on show at IBC2023, is part of an AI journey that perfectly aligns with Easel TV's vision of a single-click future and goes beyond the ability to discover refine metadata and into helping with content discovery, the user experience, content creation and management workflow, resulting in significant savings in time and resources.

Easel TV's recent implementation of Kent Cricket Play really underlines this single-click execution.
Built in a week using one existing in-house Kent Cricket resource, it is a live sports streaming service that shows just what’s possible in a short timeframe without the need for any technical development or complex system integration. It underlines the company's ability to deliver ground-breaking rapid market entry streaming services. 

"We are delighted to be showcasing eAI at IBC2023, as it is a natural extension to our service which is already delivering on our single-click vision", said Foster. "By combining the power of artificial intelligence with our user-friendly tools, we are removing all barriers for businesses to enter the world of top-tier TV-quality streaming services. Our goal is to enable companies to create compelling consumer experiences effortlessly and affordably."

Attendees of IBC2023 are invited to visit Easel TV's booth (Hall 5, Stand B43) to witness first-hand
how the integration of AI technology unlocks new possibilities in the TV and media industry.
Discover how Easel TV's intuitive tools and automated processes can transform your
streaming service, providing a world-class experience for your audience.

To book a meeting or demo with Easel TV at IBC2023, click here.

About Easel TV Limited: Easel TV is a leading provider of innovative streaming solutions for the TV and media industry. With a comprehensive suite of tools and a powerful CMS, Easel TV empowers businesses to effortlessly create and launch world-class TV quality streaming services. The company's focus on automated workflow and intuitive interfaces ensures that technical expertise is no longer a barrier to entry in the streaming market. Easel TV continues to push the boundaries of what's possible,
revolutionising the industry with its eAI-powered advancements.


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Easel TV to unveil AI-Powered Innovations at IBC2023