Dynacord drives Chai Wallahs touring stage

  • 15 November, 2022


Custom settings for SONICUE Sound System Software enhances the performance of the PA and supports control.

UK: The Chai Wallahs stage has become a touring mainstay of the UK festival season. As an independent venue with its own roster of artists, it has built a reputation for both breaking new acts and offering an impeccable audio experience. The 2022 UK festival season saw Chai Wallahs return with a new sound system, driven by Dynacord TGX amplifiers

“The stage is well-known for its audio,” says Harry Bishop, Sound Engineer and System Designer for Chai Wallahs and owner of HPA, the rental specialist that invested in the new equipment. “It took a lot of convincing to get the guys to allow me to change the kit, but it was worth it.”

Bishop wanted to switch brands for the main PA and had found a solution he liked. However, when sent a demo setup to test, he didn’t like the amplifiers driving the system. “The demo rig that I got was all on a different brand and I was not a fan,” recalls Bishop. “I wasn’t that blown away by the sound. I switched them for the TGX amps and there was an instant improvement.”

Having heard the difference, Bishop invested in two racks of TGX20 amplifiers with the power and flexibility to drive his new TW AUDiO VERA20 PA in a variety of configurations, all adding up to an attractive rental option for HPA. Created for live-sound applications, these four-channel amplifiers offer an impressive 20 kW from a 2RU device. With a fully integrated DSP offering advanced 96 kHz processing and FIR-Drive technology, as well as OMNEO integration and full-color touchscreen control, TGX20 has proved itself to be the right platform for Bishop.

“The power efficiency of the Dynacord amplifiers is incredible,” he states. “The TGX20 is the best amp that I’ve seen out there that’s third party and can run any system.”

To further support TGX20, Bishop is also using SONICUE Sound System Software. “I’m using SONICUE as well - as a software platform it’s good,” he says. “There aren’t dedicated settings for TW AUDiO yet, as I’m the first to use this combination, so the PA manufacturer has been creating them for me and is working with Dynacord to have them integrated into SONICUE properly.”

The new amplifiers were called into action for the four stops on Chai Wallah’s festival tour at the Green Man Festival, Secret Garden Party, Kendal Calling and Shambala. The TGX20s were driving four-per-side hangs of VERA20, with eight S32 subwoofers supplying low-end support and a pair of T20 cabinets providing front fill. Having heard the combination in action in a live setting, Bishop is very pleased with his purchase.

“With the TGX amps, the power draw and efficiency was mind-blowing, really,” he reflects. “When you change the system, you can really tell what the difference is. It was a massive improvement and Chai Wallahs was best it’s ever sounded by a long shot.”


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Dynacord drives Chai Wallahs touring stage