Dutch broadcaster RTV Drenthe upgrades to IP-based intercoms from RTS

  • 07 March, 2024


ODIN digital audio matrix & KP-Series keypanels aid regional public broadcaster to migrate to an IP workflow.

ROAMEO wireless DECT-based intercom system facilitates seamless communication throughout the premises.

NED: RTS equipment has played a key role in supporting RTV Drenthe with its recent infrastructure upgrade. The project has seen the TV station enhance its broadcast setup to become IP compliant
and compatible with the SMPTE ST 2110 standard. A key factor in achieving these goals has been
a new intercom solution featuring RTS intercoms at the heart of the system.

RTV Drenthe is the regional public broadcaster for the Dutch province of Drenthe in the northeast of the Netherlands. Serving its aim of being a reliable and independent source of information for the province’s half a million residents, the TV station’s 24-hour broadcast output includes a diverse range of news, music and talk shows. To help RTV Drenthe to modernize its operations, the broadcaster worked with local
RTS partner Amptec to upgrade to future-proof, best-in-class intercoms.

RTS was the obvious choice for the project, and the control room is now equipped with an ODIN matrix
in a 48-port configuration which serves as a powerful communications hub in a compact, 1U package.
The selection of ODIN was key as it has aided RTV Drenthe’s migration to IP workflows. ODIN offers users three flexible redundancy options - backup and restore, frame swap and redundant frame operations. These, combined with its highly flexible, scalable and user-friendly design, help to make ODIN a powerful tool for broadcasters of all sizes The digital audio matrix fully supports the common Dante audio networking standard through OMNEO IP-networking. This means that it could be seamlessly integrated with the broadcaster’s DHD audio matrix for a smooth and intuitive workflow for all crew.

Local RTS partner Amptec worked with the broadcaster to select the right equipment to meet their needs.

A second element to the control room portion of the upgrade comes in the form of six KP-Series keypanels. These have been installed to provide the production staff with crystal-clear audio which helps to enhance understanding and simplify communication, both critical elements for the broadcast environment.

Away from the control room, the installation also includes a ROAMEO wireless DECT-based intercom system, selected to enhance the team’s efficiency and mobility. This has seen four TR-1800 wireless beltpacks for the production staff combine with a pair of AP-1800 access points for wide coverage.
As a result, the ROAMEO system offers the RTS Drenthe team full flexibility to move and communicate freely within the facility.

Reflecting on the new setup, the broadcaster is clearly very happy with the possibilities created through
its intercom investment. “Last month, RTV Drenthe's new TV production went live, marking a significant milestone after months of dedicated research, design, building and configuring,” said Martijn Woering, RTV Drenthe’s Technology Coordinator & Project Manager. “The entire crew is thrilled with the new equipment.”


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Dutch broadcaster RTV Drenthe upgrades to IP-based intercoms from RTS